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Advantages of Having a Landscape Garden

Garden is one of the important part of a home. There are many reasons why people love gardens. It gives many benefits and makes the place alluring with its beauty. So, do you want to know the benefits that you get through a landscape garden? Then, read the article to know the advantages.

fairy housesTransforms the look of the garden
You can transform the look of the garden with a good landscape. Take the help of a professional garden landscape designer to enhance your landscape design and to make it beautiful.

Makes your property valuable
If you have a beautiful and attractive garden that is completely transformed then, this will boost up the resale value of the property if you want to sell it. You can take the advantage of your garden to sell your home, though it doesn’t price much. Some properties will get higher value because of garden. It also improves the quality of your home making it pleasant. Though you don’t sell your home it will give you enjoyment when you spend time in beautiful landscaped garden.

Health benefits
There are several examples to say that people will have health benefits if they have a good landscape garden. It relives stress and gives refreshment to the mind by supplying fresh air. People feel relaxed when they spend some time in garden and forgets all the pains.

Environmental benefits
If you have a alluring landscape garden with small and large plants, you can get oxygen through which plants absorb the carbon-dioxide from the air, in-turn reducing the pollution. This saves the environment from carbon-dioxide and other dangerous pollutants. It also attracts the wildlife by helping the biosphere in the local environment. You can keep your home safe from harmful radiations around the home.

Energy conservation
Studies says that having properly located trees in your landscape garden will conserve energy by cutting down the household heating. For this, you need to locate the plants on the south and west sides of your home were the sunlight and sun rays are intense and direct. Thus, the trees give shade and coolness to your home.

These are the few and common benefits that your home will get if you have a properly planned and designed landscape garden.

Know all About Indoor Gardening

Indoor gardening is growing plants indoor whether it is a home or office. Growing plants indoor have many advantages. These are commonly grown for decorative purpose, positive psychological effects and health reason such as purification of indoor air.

Plants suitable for indoor gardening
Indoor plants include areca Plant, golden emerald plant, rubber plant, mustard plant, aloe vera, boston fern, clivia mimata and phalaenopsis.

Steps for planning indoor gardening
miniature gardenSelection of plant
Just like outdoor gardening, huge number of plants are available for growing in indoor. Choose the plant you would like to grow. After choosing, decide how you are going to plant. This means either by seeding or getting clippings from the another plant. Make sure that you get the base of the clip. Then soak the clipping in soil mixed with water to take roots. This will take two weeks to bear roots. Then the plant is ready for placing in pot.

Selection of containers
It is the time for the selection of containers for growing plant. As you are growing plants in indoor, you can use traditional pots, plastic bottles or old vases. Container selection also plays major role if you grow indoor plant for decorative purpose. Don’t use containers that are treated with chemicals as it may kill the plant. Put holes in the bottom of the container to allow drainage.

Half of the Container should be filled with gravel and remaining with a nutritious soil. Then dig the soil to place the plant and push the soil around the roots to cover them.

Selection of location
Select the place which satisfies the requirements of sunlight and temperature for indoor plant. The requirements of indoor plant includes adequate sunlight, humidity, temperature, soil. Place the plant near the window so that it gets the sunlight through the window. Never keep the plant near fan or air vent as it dries out the plant and causes damage to it. Don’t place the plant in cold areas as it slow down the growth of plant or it can kill plant.

Maintain your plants
Once planting is completed, it is necessary to maintain your plants by ensuring that the plant is getting adequate sunlight, water, nutrients and maintaining adequate temperature in the soil.

Watering the plant is a difficult task as we should set reminder for ourselves daily. It is an advise to have drip system. It allows a series of tubes to each plant. Set timer, so that it allows water to each plant in a particular period in each day.

Soil heat mats should be placed in the bottom of the container and regulate the temperature of the soil. Although plant can be provided with lighting through sunlight, it is necessary to provide lighting to the indoor plants. It can be done by using heat lamps. Nutrients can be provided to the plant by incorporating fertilizers once in every two or three months.

How to Design a Deck in Your Garden Landscape?

Are you interested in outdoor living? Need some space for spending your time in your outdoor? Then, the deck is the best place for you. This deck is the perfect area for the patio was you could have an option of outdoor living. You will have different options, designs and sizes available for construction of the deck. His article helps you in choosing the best deck and constructs it in your garden for outdoor living.

Steps to design a deck in your garden yard or landscape
miniature treesChoose the design and location of your deck:
Before you move for the construction of the deck, the first thing you have to do is selecting the location of the deck. Location of the deck in your garden can be near a swimming pool and it should be as an extension of your home. These are mostly on the backside of your home. The size and shape of the deck depends on the budget that you can spend on it. The design that you choose should also match with your garden yard. For great appearance, you can choose a curved deck and a natural look to your garden landscape. The style that you choose should be appropriate that can be simple or elaborated.

Surface of your deck:
If you need a permanent deck that lasts long then go with the stone options otherwise wood will fit in the small amount of budget. Therefore, the choice is yours. However, though you move for wood you should take the help of stones, concrete, composite for construction of the deck. So, choose the one that fits in your budget.

Pool or bathtub in your deck:
If you are planning for a large deck then, you can also construct a small pool or bathtubs in your deck. If you are planning for those then the deck needs a privacy place for construction. Therefore, it is better to construct the deck on your back yard of the garden.

Construct the deck:
Once, you have planned all those that are necessary in your deck the, start constructing you deck with all the materials gathered at one place. Take the help of the builder for construction and give him suggestions as per your requirements. Once construction is over then you will have to move for maintenance.

Maintain it well:Miniature Gardening
If you have a pool or bathtub constructed in your deck then, it requires regular maintenance to keep the surface of the deck clean and neat or whatever you have in deck should be maintained well. Maintenance makes your deck long lasting. Think about the maintenance also before you move for the construction.

These are the few simple steps or tips for building or constructing a deck in your garden landscape. Deck in your garden will give you fresh air so that you can spend your leisure time over there.

How to Get Rid of Garden Pests?

If you have a garden in your house with many plants and trees, you will obviously find some the intruders like insects, worms and birds coming into your home whichminiature garden damage your plants and trees as well as it disrupts you. Then don’t worry, here are some of the tips which help you get rid of the garden pests.

  • Spray your garden with pesticides according to the detailed instructions mentioned on the pesticide packet, otherwise your garden will spoil. There are many pesticides available in the market.
  • Always remove dead shrubs and decayed leaves in the garden because the insects can hide under these and can even spoil the plants.
  • Always make sure that you keep your garden clean otherwise, insects and worms will stay under the dead leaves. These insects and worms can be the food to birds but the birds will dig your garden for worms, and can spoil your garden, fruits and vegetables. Birds hungry in searching food.miniature garden
  • In order to get rid of birds, put a feeder and bird house for the birds in your home so that it won’t spoil your garden.
  • You can get rid of the spider mites on your plants with the help of dish washing soap mixed with water. Even you can use alcohol to get rid of the spider mites on your plants by gently rubbing.
  • Some pests don’t like certain plants such as mint, marigolds, garlic and basil. Plant these between other plants so that the pests will not roam around.

How to Select Garden Cloches?

It is well known that people who are interested in gardening often find new, creative and protective ways to keep their garden. Garden cloches are one of the best features. They are protective covers for plants which provide shelter for younger plants from harsh weather elements like frost, strong winds and hail. They also keep insects away and warm up the plant. Different types of garden cloches are available and one need to choose based on the type of plant and the model of gardening.

Plastic cloches are the general inexpensive garden cloches mostly in use. They are also very light to handle and you can clean and use them easily when gardening and dealing with the younger plants. They can be stacked or stored in a very small space as they can be rested one above the other. It is also very easy to transport them which saves much time and labor. However, plastic cloches are not that good in providing frost protection. They also do not last long as glass cloches. Only those which are much expensive and made of thicker gauge plastic can be used for a longer time.

Whereas glass cloches are ideal for protecting young and tender plants. They also add elegance to your garden area. With their perfect protection features, most of the gardeners prefer glass cloches. In exposed gardens, they can be used easily. They are also available in different sizes with various ventilation facilities. However, they cannot be stored easily and are prone to damage. The replacement and maintenance costs of the glass garden cloches are also higher when compared to the plastic ones. Hence, select the one based on your needs and affordability. Also consider the need and model of garden plants and make an appropriate selection of cloches. (more…)