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Maintenance Tips for Your Hybrid Car

A hybrid car will have a gas engine and an electric motor. Many people know this. Some people think for both electric motor and gas engine separate maintenance is required. In reality, most hybrid cars do not need any of such twice maintenance.

  • Brakes: The braking system in the hybrid cars are unique from the standard gasoline cars. The regenerative braking system in the hybrid cars collects the energy while braking and convert it into electricity. The battery can charge and recycle by coasting to a stop as coasting can generate an excess amount of kinetic energy. This system reduces the friction and heat. Consequently, it will have excessive wear and tear on the car’s brake pads and rotors.
  • Battery: The hybrid car’s main battery is expensive and is large in size. The cost of the paper will be around a few thousand dollars. These batteries’ design is different from the standard car batteries. Hybrid batteries are designed to last as long as the car works. The warranties are even longer periods when compared to other car batteries. In cold weather, allow your car and the battery to warm up properly. Hybrid cars can operate better when the weather is warm. Allowing some time to warm up will help you lower wear from the cold.
  • Drive train: The transmission, the electric drive motor and the internal combustion engine are connected mechanically together. The drive train in the hybrid cars is much different. A malfunction in any one of the components will affect the other components functions. You can change the air filters and spark plugs, and you can check the transmission fluid. However, if there is any serious problem, consult the professionals.
  • Electronics: The electronic modules in the hybrid cars are complex. They control the electric drive motor for regenerative braking and propulsion. Both these systems generate enormous heat. To control the heat, they have their own cooling systems. Charge and discharge rates are regulated by the battery control modules. These systems employ both cooling and heating systems to make sure that the system operates in all conditions consistently. You can do some simple maintenance for them. When you are taking care of engine cooling system’s regular maintenance, check the clamps, pipes, and individual hoses. In addition, check any additional filters that are using on the battery and the motor heating or cooling system.
  • Try to reduce the carrying of heavy weights on your hybrid car. Weight is one of the factors that decrease the mileage of the car. It also causes more stress on your car’s engine.

Routine maintenance like tire rotations, oil changes, tune-ups, etc. will not differ in the hybrids from those gasoline-run cars. Stick to your scheduled maintenance plan that recommended by your car manufacturer. Your driving habits also impact on the maintenance schedule.

Know Where Dirt Hides In Your Car

Dirt filled in some parts of car causes severe problems as human skin leads to infections by dirt. Many people think their car is in cleaned state but they don’t know the presence of dirt in hidden parts of the car which people never look towards those parts. People tend to neglect when it comes to cleaning the car. A cleaned car always be in good condition, otherwise, it is a house for insects pests. Now, you are eager to know about in which parts of your car, dirt hides? Here is the information to look for.

Frequently touched surfaces like the steering wheel and cup holder are the dirtiest places in your car. Most car owners ignore this and they never clean these surfaces. At least once a week, you need to clean these spots. Use car cleaning products that contains anti-bacterial agents for cleaning car or any other vehicle.

Whenever you clean your car next time, try to focus on some parts listed below:

  • First thing to do is clear the garbage and junk out from inside of your car. Then wipe below the dashboard, door panels, and consoles to remove dirt, stains, and spills.
  • To improve visibility, try to use auto-glass cleaner agents on car interior windows. These cleaners also remove film that builds on the windows. Don’t use household cleaners for cleaning the car windows.
  • Use toothbrush to remove dirt from nearby places to inaccessible points in a car. Use vacuuming for rest of the spots.
  • Use Leather-specific cleaners for removing dirt on leather seats. And also clean the dirt under the seats with the help of vacuum cleaner.

Following these points will help you to get your car clean effectively.

How To Clean Car Interior

Clean interior not only appears great, but it also provides better health. Few tips to clean car interiors are:

Vacuuming: Take out the floor mats. Using the proper extension, vacuum under the seats, around the pedals and the area within front seats and central console and then vacuum floor mats distinctly. Use soft brush extension to vacuum the dashboard and doors. Vacuuming must be done carefully without damaging any parts or scratching seats.

Cleaning fabric seats and door upholstery: Simply spray cleaning agent or laundry detergent uniformly on the seat or door upholstery (cushioning) or carpet and rub firmly. After this, they must be wiped  thoroughly using a dry cloth. Care should be taken not to soak seat with water as it may cause marks on the seat and mould smell.

Vacuuming and polishing the dashboard: Dashboard, central console, and other plastic parts must be cleaned with a slightly wet cloth. Little amount of laundry detergent can be used to remove the stains. After this, it must be dried with a clean soft dry cloth. Care should be taken not to spray directly on the stereo, but a brush can be used. Polish makes the dashboard shiny and covers the plastic.

How to prevent musty smell from the air conditioner: If there is an unpleasant musty smell from the vents when the air conditioner is switched on, then odor treatment can be used which kills the bacteria and expels the mildew smell. When an air conditioner’s drain tube is jammed and piling of leaves and other debris under the cowl cover may also generate damp mildew smell. Ask the mechanic whether oil change is required.