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Know About Rayon- Man Made fiber

Rayon is an artificial fiber that looks similar to silk but costs lower than silk. This is the first man made successful artificial silk of cellulose fiber. Since it is produced from natural polymers, it is neither synthetic nor a natural fiber and can be called as a semi-synthetic fiber. It is the one among the high luster quality fabrics which exhibit maximum sheen.

Rayon is used to manufacture many apparels, furnishings, for filling Zippo lighters, and for some industrial purposes. It is a multi faced fiber which exhibits the same properties of the natural fibers. It is soft, smooth, comfortable, highly absorbent, but do not insulate body heat, making it ideal for the use in hot climates. The fibers of rayon are easily dyed. These fibers are engineered to possess great range of properties to meet the demands of the users.

They are two important varieties of rayon. One is the high wet modulus rayon and the other is the polynosic rayon.

High Wet Modulus Rayon: These fibers are used in the making of parachutes and other industrial purposes. They have high wet modules of about 1 g/den.

Polynosic Rayon: These fibers are made with a high degree of orientation by high stretching during the processing itself. They have some unique qualities such as the fibrillar structure, high dry and wet strength, low elongation, relatively low water retention and very high wet modules.

The durability and the lowest elastic property of this fiber made it so popular and it is recommended to go for a dry wash for this fabric. (more…)

Know About Synthetic and Mineral fibers

Not all the fabrics which we are using today are natural. With the invent of latest technology and with the changing views in the people many new fibers are invented which are nothing but man made fibers. Synthetic fibers are popularly called as man made fibers or artificial fibers. On the other hand mineral fibers are a kind of natural fibers. Let us know about these two kinds of fibers and their qualities.

Synthetic fibers: Among all the fibers which are in the market at present, the market of this synthetic fiber alone accounts nearly 80%. Since their use is not limited to fabric making they have been used in the production of many other things which are used industrially. The synthetic fibers include polyester, nylon, acrylic and the poly olefin. Among these fabrics polyester alone constitutes 60% of the whole market. Even though these fibers are man made some of them are highly durable and less expensive when compared to the natural fibers. Apart from fabric making these things are also used in many industrial appliances.

Mineral fibers: Mineral fibers include asbestos, basalt fire and the glass fiber . The asbestos is used for vinyl tiles, sheeting, and adhesives, whereas the basalt fire is used in transit panels and siding, acoustical ceilings, stage curtains and the fire blankets. Since all these things need tough fiber to survive in any conditions these mineral fibers are used.

Glass fiber is used in the manufacture of space suits, ironing board, mattress covers, ropes and cables, flame retardant and protective fabrics. These are best used as fire proof fibers and insulating fibers.

Often these fabrics are used with a blend of natural fibers to make the most use of them and to make the fabric even more durable. (more…)

Women’s Long Sleeve Tops for Best for Casual Use

Women have a variety of clothing to be worn both as casual and formal wear. When coming to the casual wear there are also a range of clothes which they can use both at homes and for going out. For now let us discuss on using long sleeve tops for casual use. Women casual wear long sleeves come in different varieties and patterns.

Long sleeve tops are most preferred wear for women especially during winter seasons. They are easily available in different varieties of fabric and different designs. The bold colors and patterns make them suitable for women to be used as a casual wear. They are flexible to wear on any of the bottoms like the jeans, cargos and even on leggings.

Even though they are great for the winter and the fall they can also be worn during cool summer days and other days too. Cotton and distressed fabrics have been used to create fabulous designs and they make us look cool and at the same time they are comfortable too. Just choose the ones which exactly fits your body style and go with the designs of your choice. You will definitely look pretty when you accompany them with proper accessories.

Apart from beauty and comfort there are few more things which the long sleeves will offer. They protect us from different climatic conditions like the summer heat and the winter cold. We don’t have a need to wear extra protection while wearing these clothes. So, whenever you feel like the day is hot you can definitely wear the long sleeves which helps you in different ways.

Uses of Towels

Towels are used for various purposes other than the drying in various industries including household needs. They are made up of different fabrics and are available in different colors, sizes, styles and patterns. Below are some of the uses of towels.

  • Used for drying the body after showering and swimming.
  • Used for wiping your hands after washing the hands.
  • Used to wipe the kitchen dishes and crockery’s.
  • It provides hygiene and comfort to sit, lie and stand on to avoid direct contact with the ground, rock, chair etc, and prevents from germs.
  • It acts as a dressing for bleeding wounds.
  • It can be used for warming your body by wearing above the shoulders( like a dress).
  • You can wave your towel in emergencies as a distress signal.
  • Used for holding the hotter objects in food preparations etc,.
  • You can role the towel into a pipe shaped pillow for resting on it.
  • Used as a head dress for wet hair.
  • In sports, some rally towels are used for cheering the participating teams.
  • For a broken arm, towels act as a sling.
  • Some waste towels are used to block the gaps between the doors and floor to help stop toxic gases or smoke from entering the room.
  • This is useful in case of a fire where in most cases people die of smoke inhalation before the fire reaches them.
  • Smaller sizes of towels are used as hand-kerchiefs.
  • In some areas, towels are used to reserve seats.
  • You can even cover to protect yourselves from sun rays.


Know About Water Proof Bed Sheets

These water proof bed sheets are designed especially for hospitals and hotels to solve the hygienic problems faced with the normal bed sheets. Not only in hotels and hospitals they can also be used for household purposes to face the incontinence problems in children. Even some studies are showing that 2% of adults have a lack of control over urination during sleep. So these water proof bed sheets are much useful for this kind of problems.

These water proof bed sheets are washable and have some absorbent pads which can absorb up to 3000 ml of water. They keep you dry and comfortable at the night. They are available in both single and double bed sizes so that you can choose one which is comfortable. They are washable and reusable so that you don’t have a need to purchase them again and hence they are cost effective.

Water proof bed sheets are provided with three layers which helps in absorbing large quantities of urine. The first layer will be in touch with the child, the second layer absorbs the liquid and the third layer protects the mattress from getting wet. They also have another top layer made of fabric. It is important to wash these bed sheets every day to avoid skin irritation and infections.

Bed sheets made of cotton top layer are very comfortable and quick absorbing. Polyester sheets also keeps the skin dry.

Its better to choose the waterproof bed sheet depending on the fabric used for top layer. Any ways it is not as comfortable as the normal bed sheet fabric which we use commonly.