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10 Things to Check in a Website Before Launching

Got a website designed for your business and everything is ready for launching? If so, check your entire website once whether all the things or elements in it are working properly. This is especially important when you are launching your website with expensive marketing drives. Before you present your website to visitors, you need to check certain things in it.

Here are the 10 things to check in a website before launching:

1) Find whether a favicon icon is created for your website. If not, create one for your website as it helps users bookmark the required webpages easily.

2) Check if title on each page is unique and if it correctly describes the full content on that page itself. These page titles are very important for search engine rankings, bookmarking, etc.

3) Make sure that everything like links, scrollers, buttons, application, forms on your website is working properly. Broken links can make your website seem unprofessional. Therefore, be careful in checking with links.

4) See whether your website opens in all browsers are not. It is mandatory because not all users use the same browser to open your website.

5) Facilitate the user/visitor to open your website in mobile app/browser.

6) Check whether your website loads fast. If it does not, get it optimized.

7) Set up Google analytics in your website to track the number of visitors visited to your site.

8) A significant thing is to check for spelling and grammatical mistakes in your website content. Poor website content can ruin your business fame.

9) Check if meta information is added on each webpage.

10) Set up “page not found – error page” for the page which is not in your website. This will help visitors know that it is not available in the website. Else, you can facilitate the visitor with redirect feature to give a direction to them.

The above 10 things are the most important things to check before website launching. (more…)

Instructions on Building a Successful Website

Many people have a perception that a stunning website design is needed for your website to be successful, but this is not correct. A successful website is one which provides useful information to users and on the topics they are searching for. To build a successful business website, you need to have a user-friendly. You should also follow a few simple marketing techniques.

Suppose a website (the information provided in the site is not good or not useful) is bad, visitors won’t come back. Here, note that we are not talking about the design of the website. The information which you are reading in the website should specifically interest you or you ask a search engine to find. However, if you are not having a website for your business, you are missing a lot of sale opportunities in the market.

Here are useful tips on building a successful website:

  • Purchase a relevant URL when planning for website promoting. The name of your business should be mentioned in the URL so that customers can easily find you.
  • Take your own time to design a website and operate it. This allows your website to look professional.
  • Consider Meta Tags because Search Engines use these to rank and find your pages. Ensure that you use Meta Tags in HTML.
  • Your website should load in 2 or 3 seconds. This happens when your pages are not heavy. If it takes more than 10 seconds, you will probably lose all potential customers.
  • Don’t use unnecessary information in your site and just focus on your main content.
  • Offer gifts or incentives to those who come back to your website. Retain your visitors, they could become customers for life.
  • Make sure to keep your pages consistent.
  • Navigation should be easy. Visitors to your website should be able to go through pages without confusion and lost.
  • Check the grammar and spelling mistakes correctly in the site and these are very important.
  • Once a week or so, update information in the pages to keep them fresh for the search engine spiders and also for your customers and visitors. Let people know about upcoming or new products, events, sales etc.

These tips will help you build a successful website. (more…)

10 Ways to Add Content to Your Website

In the beginning or in the middle, after creating a template design for your website, you need to add content to your website. Content is the king as it attracts visitors and has the capability of bringing more traffic to your site.

Here are the 10 ways to add content to your website to attract visitors and search engines:

1) Write the content based on how the visitor think when searching about your product or service. It will help you to create useful information in your site.

2) The content that you write in your website should be understandable to all age groups. Avoid using complex words.

3) Credibility and the trust are the two factors which move your business forward. Use emotions in your content to convey the message. Emotions can definitely stop visitors to move to another site.

4) People never read the whole information which you provide. Provide the information in short phrases which should describe entire meaning.

5) Keep space between headings to differentiate. It will help visitors read your content comfortably without any hassle.

6) Use images only when you definitely need them but make sure that they support your message.

7) The content you provide should be natural and continuous. It should never break. Flow of information automatically stretches the readers’ mind to read full information.

8) Back ground color should allow the readers to read the text without any confusion and should not irritate the visitors. Use white as background color and text in black color.

9) Use better fonts for online scanning like Sans Seriff Fonts, Verdana, Aerial, etc.

10) Use simple navigation system in your website. The keywords you use for links should reflect the page you are going to.