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Brake Safety Inspection – Parts to be Inspected

Brakes are very important safety parts that need to be well maintained. Any fault in the brake may keep you and your vehicle in danger. So, you need to inspect brakes of your vehicles and its parts regularly. In other words, at least twice in a year, the brakes are to be inspected. Regular inspection and the repair of faulty parts will ensure that your vehicle is safe enough to drive. Some of the brake parts that are to be inspected are: (more…)

Top Tips to Make Car Tires Last Longer

Tire makers are increasing the costs of tires in respect to the raw materials used for their manufacture . So instead of going for a replacement extending your car’s longevity is important for saving money and also for being safe. Follow these five simple tips to make your vehicle tires last longer and perform better.

Rotate and balance tires after every oil change:

  • The tires have to be rotated and balanced at every oil change which I usually done around 7000- 10000 miles.
  • By rotation the tires increase their life span because the front tires wear faster than the rear ones.
  • Keeping the tires balanced reduces vibration which generally increases the wear of tire and component.

Tires should be properly inflated:

  • Make a habit of checking the air in the tires frequently.
  • Digital gauges are more accurate with a pencil type.
  • When vehicles are equipped with tire pressure monitoring system the air in the tires can be easily detected by the warning lights at the dash board in case of low tire pressure.

Check tires tread wear frequently:

  • Always check for tire wearing which may be over the edges which shows improper alignment of the wheels.
  • Misalignment reduces the life of the tires so ensure to check them for wear and tear.
  • Also look over the tire treads for them being more such that traction is not lost.

Avoid road hazards :

  • By not keeping a safe distance from the vehicle ahead and driving too fast, and also driving on damaged roads leads to tire damage.
  • Be careful during rainy seasons when the potholes will not appear.
  • Properly inflated tires are less prone to damage from potholes and other damages roads.

Covering and cleaning the tires:

  • Using a right tire protectant prevent them from ozone or ultra violet light in extreme weather conditions either in summer or winter.
  • Ensure to clean the tire side walls with armor all.
  • Cover up the tires and remove the vehicles load which helps to prevent side wall cracks when they are kept unused for longer periods.

Proper tire alignment:

  • Tilting of the tire towards or away from the frame of the car shows misalignment.
  • The stance of the tires have also should be checked where in their misplacement will lead to wearing of the side walls of the tires.

There are few things that are easily overlooked by people who uses their vehicles on a daily basis.
Hence by following these simple steps one can make their tires last longer.

Things to Focus while Buying an Old Car

Buying a old car needs much effort than buying new car. Because while looking for a used car you have to know the condition of the car different prices in market and many more. But by following some steps you can easily select the old cars. Those steps are

Do some research and make a list of cars
Before going to buy a old car you need to do some research kind of thing. First you need to consider your budget and life style, later according to that you need to short list 5-10 cars. In that again you need to do research for market prices and ratings of that models. You can find the advertisements of old cars in news portals and also in internet. Even you can ask your friends and relatives about the car models if they are using what you are short listed. You can ask them the ratings of the car. And also you need to verify that the car is in perfect condition or not.

Check the documents properly
Once you done with your research kind of thing you need to check the documents of that car. This includes actual registration papers that Registration certificate and pollution under control and insurance papers, road tax and also original invoice of the car.

Check the condition of the car
It is very important to check the condition of car. Verify the engine condition whether it is starting smoothly or not. Is that making any noise when starting the engine. And also you need to check the tyre conditions because if it is not good you can ask some discount. And also check for the battery condition if it is a old battery ask for a new battery replacement or discount in the price.

Check the History
Before going to payment discussion you need to check the history of the vehicle. Here history means how many kilometers it is traveled and how many years back that he purchased, and document paper details all these you need to verify.

Go for a test drive
Test drive is also one of the important step while buying a used car. To know the condition and performance of the car you need to drive it in different types of roads. And also observe that engine is starting in a correct way or not and also check for any noises and any other problems are occurring while driving. Check the breaks condition and steering performance.

Price details and payment options
Once you satisfied with the car condition and everything, according to the market research and market price you need to accept the deal. If he is OK with your price then ask for payment options. It is always suggestible that giving a demand draft instead of direct cash. Make sure that all documents are original. And complete the all legal formalities. Before going to pay completely make sure that car is transferred with your name. If needed you can take the car for servicing.

Benefits and Problems of Disposable Air Filters and Durable Air Filters

Disposable air filtersAir filter is an essential part of the engine as they filter out the unwanted dirt, insects and derbies that may result in clogging the engine. So, you should maintain your air filters clean and replace them from time to time. If you want to replace the air filters, there are two common types of air filters in the market for today’s vehicles – disposable air filters and durable air filters. The cost and benefits of using these air filters is mentioned below.

These are most common type of air filters available for today’s vehicles. These are made of paper – so, they can be disposed easily. There are several reasons for using the disposable air filters for the vehicles. They are less expensive, when compared to the durable air filters. Though they don’t serve for long time, you can save a lot of money spent on the air filters – nearly half of the money. Along with the cost, they also don’t require general maintenance – because – you can just simply replace it with the new one, if it is clogged or dirty.

In general, the paper air filters need the replacement after every 10,000 to 15,000 miles. But, the disadvantage with this air filter is, if you are in a dusty environment or driving in dusty area, you may have to replace the air filter much frequently – it can be for every 6,000 miles which increases your budget on it than the durable air filters.

Durable air filters
The name itself signifies that these are durable. In other words, they are made of much more durable materials. These air filters can be cleaned easily with a small brush or through a simple rinsing process of the same with water hose. But, some air filters need a special solution, which you need to purchase it and the cleaning procedure is quite easy. As they use better materials, they can filter the contaminants in a better way, allowing rich volume of air into the engine which helps in better combustion and leads to better performance of the engine.

These air filters are comparably 2 to 3 times costly than the disposable air filters. Durable air filters can serve the better performance for nearly 2 to 3 years – and the purchasing costs may add or decrease based on the area.

This is all about disposable and durable air filters. So, depending on the area you drive or live, you need to choose the air filter for your vehicle.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Leasing and Buying a Car

Confused on whether to buy or lease a car? Each one offer you merits and demerits. So, based on the benefits and your budget, you can decide what to do. See what are all benefits and drawbacks that you get, if you buy a car or if you lease a car.

Advantages of leasing a car

  • If you lease a car, your down payment will be low or not-at-all when compared to the loan payments when you buy a new car. You can only pay for the use of the car for a particular period of time.
  • There will be a chance for you to change the car for every few years, based on your needs and budget. You will have a chance to choose the car equipped with latest technology and features which you can’t buy.
  • You can pay the sales tax only for the portion of the vehicle you made the finance.

Disadvantages of leasing a car

  • The car will not belongs to you permanently and will be with you only for a limited period of time. Also, you need to return to the leasing company once the contract is closed.
  • If you exceed the mileage limit or if the car is not maintained properly or if you make any damage to the car before you return it to the leasing company, you need to pay additional costs to the company.
  • Some companies will not have GAP insurance to their vehicles, which will make a lot from your pocket, if you unknowingly lease it.
  • You need to make the payments until the end of the lease period, which can be burden sometimes; and for some companies, if you want to terminate the contract, you may have to pay the termination penalty also.

Advantages of buying a car

  • You can have your own car with no limits in the mileage or anything.
  • You can customize your vehicle as your wish, add whatever you want like gadgets, safety equipment, if your vehicle supports.
  • You can use it for years, until you feel you need to resale it or sell it anytime.
  • Insurance limits or policy will be lower, if you buy a car compared to leasing.

Disadvantages of buying a car

  • Higher monthly payments for the loan in the form of initial down payments will be high depending on the vendor when you purchase the car.
  • Unexpected costs from your pocket, if your warranty expires or if there is a big repair for the vehicle.