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How to Create a Wedding Guest List?

Wedding guests are the persons who attend the wedding ceremony for making wedding day special and memorable occasion by spending their day and time towards wedding. Planning a wedding starts with the guests list. Plan the guest list by writing names on a paper by you and your fiance/fiancee sitting together. It is important to take the advices of your family members and your spouse’s family members in order to avoid any kind of friction. The budget also depends on the number of guests you want to invite for your wedding.

Below are some of the tips for creating wedding guest list.

  • First decide whether the wedding you wanted to have is small or large-scale. Or set the number of guests that you are going to afford. These all planning and decision should be done by you both sitting together as the guest from both the sides will attend the wedding.
  • Then, make the list of the guests who are absolutely needed and essential from the initial list you made. These members include immediate family members, close friends etc.
  • List the persons who you don’t want to invite for the wedding or you feel uncomfortable with them. These persons include drinkers, ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfriends.
  • If parents are also paying some money for your wedding, consider the number of guests from their side also, otherwise they become sensitive.
  • Determine whether to invite children or not.
    After creating the list, make sure that you can afford.

The below are the few important tips that help you create a good guest list for your wedding.

How to Choose Wedding Favors for Guests Given by Bride and Groom

Wedding favors are small gifts given to guests by the bride and groom to thank them for joining on their wedding. The best wedding favors are those that are unique in style and innovative. Rather than an expensive gift, an exclusive gift makes your guests to remember your generosity or the day when your wedding has happened. Endless selection of favors can be made online and you can purchase the same online.

A crafty person makes gifts by themselves rather than buying. You can be able to make candy, cookies, potpourri sachets, or any other thing you can think of with your own interest. Sugared almonds given in threes or fives are a traditional way of giving favors to guests. Popular wedding favors include candles in either votive or tea light size, miniature photograph frames, edible treats such as cookies, candy, potpourri sachets, sachets of tea or coffee, clapboard key chains, clapboard or film-reel style picture frames and personalized chocolate bars. Giving chocolates as a favor will not help the guests to memorize the wedding since they cannot stay for long.

Wedding favors must be heartfully chosen and gift them to special persons in your life who feel that your love and care is attached to them. The gifts can be packed in boxes and personalize them with your name, date to make your guest remember the wedding. (more…)

Yoga is Essential in a Wedding Weight Loss Plan

Your wedding date is coming closer and you have no time left to lose the weight as quickly as possible? Don’t worry you can lose your weight by practicing yoga. We all know that, the first thing comes in mind to lose a weight is dieting. This is also works perfect but it takes some time as well as if you starve or diet too much you will again gain weight. Still so many persons are applying this strategy to lose weight. However, if you are a person with too much weight and you wanted to lose weight before your wedding then you must do some yoga exercises.

As we all know that yoga offers many health benefits. There are many yoga postures which can be helpful to treat various diseases. Regular practice of yoga offers many health benefits ranges from numerous physiological benefits to psychological benefits. However, Bikram Yoga also known as Hot Yoga is one of the many types of yoga offered by yoga enthusiasts which will be great use for weight loss. Bikram yoga differs from many other yoga practices in its practice environment.

Bikram yoga is practiced in a heated room of temperature 1050F and 40% humidity. It comprises a sequence of 26 poses that are each performed twice during a single session and held for time. The heat involved in this yoga helps to relax muscles, thus allowing for deeper and more effective stretching. It detoxifies the body, improves the immune system by increasing the body’s core temperature, increases the heart rate and thins the blood for a better cardiovascular exercise.

The risks involved in this are: the temperatures used in this yoga can cause people to sweat, sometimes profusely, this can lead to undesirable results such as nausea, dizziness, muscle weakness and cramping.

Bikram yoga is an effective way to strengthen and tone muscles while increasing flexibility and endurance.

How to Get Inexpensive Wedding Dress

Wedding is the happiest moment in everyone’s life. Wedding creates a new and interesting relationship between the couples. Couples are the center of attraction and want look very bright on that day. In making the couple look special, their wedding plays an important role. Most of the people in Europe and US countries wear white gown and suits as their wedding dress. On wedding day bride looks very beautiful and the bridegroom looks very handsome. A good wedding dress also multiplies the prestige of the wedding ceremony.

Taking a good wedding dress will enhance the grandeur of the ceremony but costs a lot. The more special you want to look in your wedding dress, the more expensive it will be. But by following few suggestions you can get a good wedding dress within your budget. The below are the few tips which help you in getting an inexpensive wedding dress.

Shopping in the off seasons: Buying a wedding dress is a good idea for getting the best wedding dress at affordable prices. In the off seasons the wedding dresses are priced low as there will not much takers for them. There will be many offers and discounts too on them. Whereas, in the wedding season, there will be no discounts and more over they will be highly prices. Hence, avoid buying in on seasons and buy at cheaper rates in off seasons.

Visiting thrifty stores: It is also a good idea for getting the best wedding dress. Most of the people avoid the thrifty stores due to lack of knowledge on these stores. Thrifty stores provides the wide range of choices and offers at inexpensive prices.

Now a days, the wedding dresses have also become very inexpensive due to the increased competition between the dress makers. Always choose the best dress under your budget. Don’t forgot to pre-plan for your wedding dresses, it will also allow you to buy an inexpensive dress.