How to Choose Wedding Favors for Guests Given by Bride and Groom

Wedding favors are small gifts given to guests by the bride and groom to thank them for joining on their wedding. The best wedding favors are those that are unique in style and innovative. Rather than an expensive gift, an exclusive gift makes your guests to remember your generosity or the day when your wedding has happened. Endless selection of favors can be made online and you can purchase the same online.

A crafty person makes gifts by themselves rather than buying. You can be able to make candy, cookies, potpourri sachets, or any other thing you can think of with your own interest. Sugared almonds given in threes or fives are a traditional way of giving favors to guests. Popular wedding favors include candles in either votive or tea light size, miniature photograph frames, edible treats such as cookies, candy, potpourri sachets, sachets of tea or coffee, clapboard key chains, clapboard or film-reel style picture frames and personalized chocolate bars. Giving chocolates as a favor will not help the guests to memorize the wedding since they cannot stay for long.

Wedding favors must be heartfully chosen and gift them to special persons in your life who feel that your love and care is attached to them. The gifts can be packed in boxes and personalize them with your name, date to make your guest remember the wedding.