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Do We Really Lose Weight by Doing Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise which makes you fit both physically and psychologically. You can reap a lot of benefits from yoga like bone strengthening, muscle toning, stress reduction, and improved physical and mental well being. Since it involves effortless physical exercises many people do have a doubt whether it is really possible to lose weight with Yoga.

If you ask the same question to an yoga expert or a yoga teacher he will definitely say ‘yes’. If you observe any yoga practitioner or trainer you will never find any obese person among them. It is practically possible to lose weight by practicing some set of techniques and yogic postures regularly to lose weight.

The physical forms in yoga though effortless helps in burning the calories and increase your metabolic rate. It also helps in maintaining proper balance in the hormones, which helps in stimulating the body’s metabolic activities.

The yogic exercises meant for weight loss are different from the regular ones. A type of yoga will be done in rooms with higher temperatures which helps in melting the fat and throwing it out in the form of sweat. Another type involves vigorous cardiovascular activity.

Not every form of yoga is helpful in reducing weight. There are particular types in yoga postures which can be included in your weight loss regime. So, by practicing those forms only you can achieve perfect posture to get free from obesity.


How Acupuncture Works

Acupuncture is a type of treatment which is used by Chinese. It is a type of natural healing and is done to improve the function of the body organs. Needles are the main elements for the treatment. According to the Chinese, energy gets circulated through the lines of energy called the meridians. If the energy flow has stopped from circulating, then obviously it manifests in the form of a disease. So, by using acupuncture needles, revertion of blockage can be done and then again the flow will continue in channels called meridians.


Precautions For Teen Fitness Training

Teen fitness training has become an controversy of importance in today’s youth. Gym membership has increased considerably and is heavily associated with the increase in post-pubescant teenagers who strongly desired to get into shape for different reasons. Starting physical exercise at such an age can become an important routine to get interested in and makes the fitness lifestyle to be on top priority for many years in future. But many precautions should be taken when practicing as it may cause damage to young growing body.

Two important considerations and precautions that should be taken in the early years of fitness training are:

  • Heavy and difficult fitness training should be started after the years of onset of puberty (young adulthood). It is internationally observed that, young gymnasts stay undeveloped and stunted in their growth because of the stress applied on the body at such a young age. The best age to include a fitness routine into a regular schedule is 15, but this may be different for different individuals. A teen must wait until most of the physical changes involved in puberty are completed in order to guarantee the highest level of safety.
  • The second and most crucial consideration is, taking supplementation, as teens are preoccupied that quick and easy gains can be achieved. Even muscle bound teens consume protein, creatine in more amounts as they have misconception of gaining more through consuming more. The teenage years of fitness training are best detected through the natural growth process prepared by the body, without any outside influence. The high protein diets are considered excellent for promoting this growth, but protein sources should not be in the form of powders and pills.

The routines followed for teen fitness training usually will not differ from those of older age, but they must be done with wisdom and caution. The growing periods within the body are very essential for lifelong health standards.