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Yoga is Essential in a Wedding Weight Loss Plan

Your wedding date is coming closer and you have no time left to lose the weight as quickly as possible? Don’t worry you can lose your weight by practicing yoga. We all know that, the first thing comes in mind to lose a weight is dieting. This is also works perfect but it takes some time as well as if you starve or diet too much you will again gain weight. Still so many persons are applying this strategy to lose weight. However, if you are a person with too much weight and you wanted to lose weight before your wedding then you must do some yoga exercises.

As we all know that yoga offers many health benefits. There are many yoga postures which can be helpful to treat various diseases. Regular practice of yoga offers many health benefits ranges from numerous physiological benefits to psychological benefits. However, Bikram Yoga also known as Hot Yoga is one of the many types of yoga offered by yoga enthusiasts which will be great use for weight loss. Bikram yoga differs from many other yoga practices in its practice environment.

Bikram yoga is practiced in a heated room of temperature 1050F and 40% humidity. It comprises a sequence of 26 poses that are each performed twice during a single session and held for time. The heat involved in this yoga helps to relax muscles, thus allowing for deeper and more effective stretching. It detoxifies the body, improves the immune system by increasing the body’s core temperature, increases the heart rate and thins the blood for a better cardiovascular exercise.

The risks involved in this are: the temperatures used in this yoga can cause people to sweat, sometimes profusely, this can lead to undesirable results such as nausea, dizziness, muscle weakness and cramping.

Bikram yoga is an effective way to strengthen and tone muscles while increasing flexibility and endurance.

Do We Really Lose Weight by Doing Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise which makes you fit both physically and psychologically. You can reap a lot of benefits from yoga like bone strengthening, muscle toning, stress reduction, and improved physical and mental well being. Since it involves effortless physical exercises many people do have a doubt whether it is really possible to lose weight with Yoga.

If you ask the same question to an yoga expert or a yoga teacher he will definitely say ‘yes’. If you observe any yoga practitioner or trainer you will never find any obese person among them. It is practically possible to lose weight by practicing some set of techniques and yogic postures regularly to lose weight.

The physical forms in yoga though effortless helps in burning the calories and increase your metabolic rate. It also helps in maintaining proper balance in the hormones, which helps in stimulating the body’s metabolic activities.

The yogic exercises meant for weight loss are different from the regular ones. A type of yoga will be done in rooms with higher temperatures which helps in melting the fat and throwing it out in the form of sweat. Another type involves vigorous cardiovascular activity.

Not every form of yoga is helpful in reducing weight. There are particular types in yoga postures which can be included in your weight loss regime. So, by practicing those forms only you can achieve perfect posture to get free from obesity.


What kind of Relaxations Can We Expect from Yoga

Relaxation is a kind of feeling which should be both mental and physical. In other words relaxation should be given to both body and soul to attain the condition of peace. If anything of the both are not relaxed you cannot attain state of peace. Without proper relaxation nothing works in a proper way. All of them become insufficient and incapable of doing things in a proper way. In any practice it is difficult to make the body and the brain relaxed at the same time. However, in yoga you can attain them with practice of yogic postures and techniques.

Besides physical relaxation and mental relaxation you can also attain spiritual relaxation using yoga. Let us have a deeper look on the above three.

Physical relaxation: Since yoga involves many postures which involve a little bit of physical activity it is very easy to attain physical relaxation using yoga. Other forms of exercise uses the energy to perform certain tasks. But these yogic postures utilizes very less energy which helps in attaining true relaxation.

Mental Relaxation: Most people may not know the fact that energy is also consumed by feeling nervous or tensed or by thinking extensively about some thing. The body’s energy is consumed by brain in this way. So relaxation means consuming less energy. So, when does our brain consumes no energy, when it stops feeling nervous and stops thinking extensively. In order to free our brain from different worries and tensions yogic breathing exercises are more useful. By concentrating on the inhalation and exhalations of our breath we can divert our mind from other tensions. And after some time we can completely come out of the stress leaving the brain in more relaxed state.

Spiritual relaxation: Spiritual relaxation is nothing but knowing about our inner self and connecting it to the universal self. One has to know that he himself is the cause for his own worries and problems and try to solve them from within. Even though there are many problems people tend to think either about the past or about the future worrying about the things that were done by them in the past or they might be concerned about what will happen in the future. Both of the things are wrong. A man who can live in the present is the happiest man and the techniques of yoga teaches you how to be in the present and that’s how you can reach the state of spiritual relaxation.

The above are the three kinds of relaxations given by Yoga.

How Acupuncture Works

Acupuncture is a type of treatment which is used by Chinese. It is a type of natural healing and is done to improve the function of the body organs. Needles are the main elements for the treatment. According to the Chinese, energy gets circulated through the lines of energy called the meridians. If the energy flow has stopped from circulating, then obviously it manifests in the form of a disease. So, by using acupuncture needles, revertion of blockage can be done and then again the flow will continue in channels called meridians.