How Acupuncture Works

Acupuncture is a type of treatment which is used by Chinese. It is a type of natural healing and is done to improve the function of the body organs. Needles are the main elements for the treatment. According to the Chinese, energy gets circulated through the lines of energy called the meridians. If the energy flow has stopped from circulating, then obviously it manifests in the form of a disease. So, by using acupuncture needles, revertion of blockage can be done and then again the flow will continue in channels called meridians.

Acupuncture works as follows:

  • Our circulatory system is similar to the electric circuit. Specific points are tapped for doing the acupuncture and the energy gets balanced in the major organs.
  • As, we discussed previously that the needles are used for the treatment. The needles which are used for the treatment will be very fine like human hair. After the needles are pricked, they are left in the body of patient for about 20 to 40 minutes and the patient will be kept under a heat lamp and will be asked to relax. Along with the needles, the electrodes are attached to the needles for the purpose of vibration. Massaging is done with the help of vibration.
  • Immune system will be improved and hence the prevention of the diseases.
  • For effective functioning of the hormonal system, the acupuncture induces release of the pain-killing endorphins. Thus, it helps in reducing the back pain, ulcers, arthritis etc.,
  • Apart from relief in pain, with the help of the release of endorphins, they play an important role in changing the mood of the people. So, acupuncture is even used for treating people with depression.
  • In the case of muscle contraction, acupuncture is used for relaxing the muscle. The treatment is done by circulating the energy in muscles which in turn starts healing.
  • The period of treatment may vary depending upon the individual’s health and disease. For some diseases, one consultation is enough. But, in some cases, four to ten treatments are required.
  • This is a type of treatment which is done without the use of medicines and drugs.

Most of the people are going for acupuncture apart from getting treated with drugs and medicines.