How to Create a Wedding Guest List?

Wedding guests are the persons who attend the wedding ceremony for making wedding day special and memorable occasion by spending their day and time towards wedding. Planning a wedding starts with the guests list. Plan the guest list by writing names on a paper by you and your fiance/fiancee sitting together. It is important to take the advices of your family members and your spouse’s family members in order to avoid any kind of friction. The budget also depends on the number of guests you want to invite for your wedding.

Below are some of the tips for creating wedding guest list.

  • First decide whether the wedding you wanted to have is small or large-scale. Or set the number of guests that you are going to afford. These all planning and decision should be done by you both sitting together as the guest from both the sides will attend the wedding.
  • Then, make the list of the guests who are absolutely needed and essential from the initial list you made. These members include immediate family members, close friends etc.
  • List the persons who you don’t want to invite for the wedding or you feel uncomfortable with them. These persons include drinkers, ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfriends.
  • If parents are also paying some money for your wedding, consider the number of guests from their side also, otherwise they become sensitive.
  • Determine whether to invite children or not.
    After creating the list, make sure that you can afford.

The below are the few important tips that help you create a good guest list for your wedding.