Know the History of Evolution of Enterprise Software

Embedded system developmentEnterprise Software is widely used in businesses, government, health care, manufacturing enterprises and more. It helps in storing and manipulating the data if required. A drastic change has been encountered from the past and a development is seen in the recent.

Part 1: Origins of modern computing- During 1700s the software was traced with punched cards, but by the end of 19th century mainframes and super computers were invented by IBM. In addition Apple,Microsoft,Oracle, Hewlett-Packard made computing Enterprise Software.

Part 2: Minicomputers to PC- The advancement made for memory, processors and circuits has reduced the size of the computer from room size to the size that a computer can fit into an office desk. By the end of 1970 the industry gave birth to personal computer along with a place for applications of enterprise software.

Part 3: Windows to the Web- With the enhancements in the operating systems along with the Graphical User Interface(GUI) has created an innovation in software application development. The human resources (HR) and customer relationship management (CRM) to enterprise resource planning (ERP), manufacturing resource planning (MRP) began implementing in most businesses.

Part 4: Dot com to today- Beginning from punched cards, main frames and personal computers a transformation for the enterprise has taken place. Today, many businesses are based on Cloud applications, Software as a service(Saas) in which application is designed by a third party Application Service provider.