Is it Good to Buy Contacts without Prescription?

According to the US federal laws every contact lens purchase need a prescription. May it be corrective lens or a simple fancy or colored lens, every purchase should be done using a valid prescription which is prescribed for the concerned person’s eye. Any person who sell the lenses without prescription is subjected to law as he is involved in illegal act. The United States law strictly states that all the contact lenses including the colored contacts, prosthetic lens and the lenses which do not posses any power are classified as medical devices under the federal law and hence needs a valid prescription.

When a certain law is made for the purchase of any kind of lens, it shows the necessity of the prescription in case of all the contact lenses. All the laws made by the federal government are meant for the safety of its citizens and to make them aware about the underlying damages. Following the state rules means saving ourselves from the dangers and the threats associated with the improper usage.

Coming to the drawbacks of getting lens with out prescription. There are more chances of getting your eyes damaged with the lenses which do not fit your eyes. In fact a prescription is required to define the size and the shape of both the eyes and to prescribe the lens which are suitable for your eyes. In the absence of such prescription, there are more number of chances that a person can get the lenses which are not suitable for their eyes. This may result in the eyes getting hurt and if neglected or when the use continues it could lead to damage. Remember, eyes are the most sensitive parts of the body. Something as simple as a small dust particle can make you see hell just for few seconds. If it is the case, when you are trying to insert something which is as big as a button just imagine the amount of pain the eye is going to face.

So,it is always beneficial to get prescription for all types of lenses and to make sure that the prescription is updated after every one year. This leads to healthy eyes with happy vision.