The Most Commonly Used Equipment in Factories

Equipment and machinery are the essential components of the manufacturing sector. Certain functions cant be fulfilled without the specialist machines that every manufacturer needs in their production line to increase business efficiency and productivity.

Let’s take a closer look at the most sought-after and most commonly used equipment in factories:

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Industrial tanks
Tanks are used to store bulk quantities of a product. The right kinds of storage tanks ensure that the contents maintain their integrity. These industrial tanks come designed following the rules and regulations defined for material storage across different industries. There are different types of storage tanks used by various industries, including

  • Industrial fuel storage tanks
  • Industrial chemical storage tanks
  • Industrial oil storage tanks
  • Industrial hot water storage tanks
  • Industrial water and liquid storage tanks
  • Industrial plastic storage tanks
  • Industrial gas storage tanks

These are constructed in various shapes and sizes that vary as per usage. The most commonly used tank is the stainless steel tank with its anti-corrosive properties to hold different corrosive substances.

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Industrial mixers:
Proper mixing of materials is an integral part of manufacturing factories. The mixer ensures efficient operational function without a hitch. Different types of mixers help to blend and emulsify the materials of different types or the same types. Some mixers are used to mix two substances that don’t combine while others mix materials within a certain coefficient of variation.

Some of the most common types of industrial mixers are as follows

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  • Horizontal ribbon mixer
  • Paddle mixer
  • Tumbler mixer
  • Emulsifier
  • Drum mixer
  • Static mixer
  • Planetary mixer
  • Double arm extruder
  • Batch compounder
  • Dispenser mixer
  • Double cone V mixer
  • Homogenizer mixer
  • Ribbon blenders

Industrial Centrifuges:
A centrifuge is a vital piece of manufacturing equipment to separate heterogeneous mixtures into components varying by density. It could be separating solids from liquids, liquid to liquid, and liquid-liquid-solid separation. Industrial centrifuges can be classified into two categories – sedimentation and filtering centrifuge. The various types of centrifuges used by manufacturers around the world involve –

  • Disc automatic centrifuges
  • Disc nozzle centrifuges
  • Decanter centrifuge
  • Basket bottom dump centrifuges
  • Disc batch centrifuges

Industrial generators:
Manufacturers may lose customer loyalty and trust if they are unable to deliver products as anticipated. It may happen when manufacturing a product stops due to loss of electric power and when electricity is not restored promptly. That is why industrial generators are important t for manufacturing factories to run their operations smoothly.

An industrial air or gas compressor is an air-filled device. It stores the air in a storage unit made of reinforced metal tanks, allowing access to high-pressure airflow. There are four most common types of industrial air compressors used in the manufacturing industries

  • Rotary screw
  • Reciprocating
  • Dynamic
  • Axial

Industrial shredders are used primarily in the plastic, rubber, and computer industries. They break down plastic, scrap, tires, wood, and other types of waste used by government organizations and businesses to destroy private, confidential, and sensitive documents.

Material handling equipment:
Every manufactured product must be packaged before being delivered to the end users. These packaging processes require handling during the manufacturing process. Material handling equipment is widespread in different manufacturing industries. Such equipment help handle and store bulk material for movement, storage, control, and protection of materials, goods, and products throughout manufacturing, distribution, consumption, and disposal.

Besides the above-mentioned primary equipment, manufacturing industries use the following equipment-

  • Conveyor belts
  • Laser-cutting machines
  • Weight filling machines
  • Paper-cutting machines
  • Bins
  • Lifts
  • Refrigeration equipment