Top Tips to Make Car Tires Last Longer

Tire makers are increasing the costs of tires in respect to the raw materials used for their manufacture .  So instead of going for a replacement extending your car’s longevity is important for saving money and also for being safe.

Follow these five simple tips to make your vehicle tires last longer and perform better.

Rotate and balance tires after every oil change:

  • The tires have to be rotated and balanced at every oil change which I usually done around 7000- 10000 miles.
  • By rotation the tires increase their life span because the front tires wear faster than the rear ones.
  • Keeping the tires balanced reduces vibration which generally increases the wear of tire and component.

Tires should be properly inflated:

  • Make a habit of checking the air in the tires frequently.
  • Digital gauges are more accurate with a pencil type.
  • When vehicles are equipped with tire pressure monitoring system the air in the tires can be easily detected by the warning lights at the dash board in case of low tire pressure.

Check tires tread wear frequently:

  • Always check for tire wearing which may be over the edges which shows improper alignment of the wheels.
  • Misalignment reduces the life of the tires so ensure to check them for wear and tear.
  • Also look over the tire treads for them being more such that traction is not lost.

Avoid road hazards :

  • By not keeping a safe distance from the vehicle ahead and driving too fast, and also driving on damaged roads leads to tire damage.
  • Be careful during rainy seasons when the potholes will not appear.
  • Properly inflated tires are less prone to damage from potholes and other damages roads.

Covering and cleaning the tires:

  • Using a right tire protectant prevent them from ozone or ultra violet light in extreme weather conditions either in summer or winter.
  • Ensure to clean the tire side walls with armor all.
  • Cover up the tires and remove the vehicles load which helps to prevent side wall cracks when they are kept unused for longer periods.

Proper tire alignment:

  • Tilting of the tire towards or away from the frame of the car shows misalignment.
  • The stance of the tires have also should be checked where in their misplacement will lead to wearing of the side walls of the tires.

There are few things that are easily overlooked by people who uses their vehicles on a daily basis.
Hence by following these simple steps one can make their tires last longer.