Types of Garden Shed

A garden shed is necessary where the tools used for landscaping and gardening can be stored. Also these days mostly people are installing these garden sheds for many uses such as leisure rooms, play houses etc.

They are usually made up of different materials like plastic, wood and metal built in various styles and shapes.  In this article, a few roofing styles are mentioned for building a garden shed

Roofing types for a garden shed
Gable shed

  • It is the most common type of garden shed with two sloping sides of the roof meeting at the top and running all along the lengths of the shed’s roof.
  • This design allows one to create a small loft with a storage area under it.
  • This type of roofing styles best suits for storing items such as potted plants, garden tools, motor bikes etc.

Gambrel shed

  • If in need of more space then go for gambrel garden shed.
  • One of the unique identifying feature of this shed is that the roof is steeply sloped.
  • One of the advantage of this type of roof is that the framework can be made easily followed by making it a loft or attic.
  • Due to the more head space to work under these type of sheds are suitable to start a workshop or store a car.

Salt box shed

  • This type of garden shed almost look similar to small houses where the roof features makes it different from all others.
  • One side of the roof is short than the other making its construction slightly difficult.

Lean to shed

  • It is one of the easiest ways to build which is a single roof with a slope starting from the top and ending at the bottom.
  • It makes an ideal shed for storing construction equipment, fire wood and grills.
  • It can either be attached to or can be allowed to stand freely.

Hipped roof

  • It is a variation of gable style roofing with four angled sides in which two are small and the other two are large.
  • The shape of this type of roof resembles pyramid and is suitable for buildings where no additional space fro storage is required.

Flat roof

  • Most simple and easiest roofing style which can be installed due to its nature by using good quality materials risk of penetration can be prevented.

The key role in building any of the above mentioned roofing styles is played by the design which have to be developed before working on it. One should also consider cost saving ideas for saving money when building.