Types of Intraoral X-Rays

Do you have dental problem that is very minute and is not diagnosed with the normal X-ray? Then, you need to make an intraoral X-ray of your mouth. Through this intraoral X-ray, it is very easy to identify various dental problems from different aspects of the teeth. This X-ray film gives out the detailed image of inside mouth and helps in finding cavities, teeth problems and condition of the teeth etc. To identify these aspects, there are various types of intraoral X-rays that are listed below.

Bite-wing X-rays
These X-rays are called as bite-wing, because while taking the X-ray, you need to bite on a wing shaped device that holds the film in place. These X-rays show the details of the upper and lower molars (back teeth), and also the teeth in-front of the molars. Usually, the dentist will take one or two bite-wing X-rays on each side of the mouth. Here, each bite-wing will show the teeth from the crown to the level of supporting bone. It mainly highlights the crowns of the back teeth. These X-rays are mainly used for diagnosing the tooth decay and also the changes in the bone density, which are caused by the gum diseases. They also help in determining the soundness of fillings and proper fitment of the crown.

Periapical x-rays
These X-rays look similar to the bite-wing X-rays but, this is mainly used for highlighting one or two teeth at a time (or) a portion of teeth of upper or lower jaw. It shows the entire length or full dimensions of the teeth from crown to the end of the root, till where the teeth is anchored in the jaw. These X-rays are used for detecting any kind of abnormalities in root and its surrounding bone structure. Based on your oral health, the dentist may recommend you either for the bite-wing X-rays or else for the periapical X-rays.

Occlusal X-rays
These X-rays are large when compared to most of the X-rays. Each X-ray will reveal nearly the full arch of the teeth either in the upper jaw or lower jaw. These X-rays highlight the teeth development and placement in children. This X-ray is made by placing a film on the occlusal surface of one of the arches.

These are various types of intraoral X-rays taken to see the different aspects of the teeth. These X-rays are very helpful to have a detailed look of your teeth and to identify the minute teeth problems.