10 Things to Check in a Website Before Launching

Got a website designed for your business and everything is ready for launching? If so, check your entire website once whether all the things or elements in it are working properly. This is especially important when you are launching your website with expensive marketing drives. Before you present your website to visitors, you need to check certain things in it.

Here are the 10 things to check in a website before launching:

1) Find whether a favicon icon is created for your website. If not, create one for your website as it helps users bookmark the required webpages easily.

2) Check if title on each page is unique and if it correctly describes the full content on that page itself. These page titles are very important for search engine rankings, bookmarking, etc.

3) Make sure that everything like links, scrollers, buttons, application, forms on your website is working properly. Broken links can make your website seem unprofessional. Therefore, be careful in checking with links.

4) See whether your website opens in all browsers are not. It is mandatory because not all users use the same browser to open your website.

5) Facilitate the user/visitor to open your website in mobile app/browser.

6) Check whether your website loads fast. If it does not, get it optimized.

7) Set up Google analytics in your website to track the number of visitors visited to your site.

8) A significant thing is to check for spelling and grammatical mistakes in your website content. Poor website content can ruin your business fame.

9) Check if meta information is added on each webpage.

10) Set up “page not found – error page” for the page which is not in your website. This will help visitors know that it is not available in the website. Else, you can facilitate the visitor with redirect feature to give a direction to them.

The above 10 things are the most important things to check before website launching.

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