Know About Water Proof Bed Sheets

These water proof bed sheets are designed especially for hospitals and hotels to solve the hygienic problems faced with the normal bed sheets. Not only in hotels and hospitals they can also be used for household purposes to face the incontinence problems in children. Even some studies are showing that 2% of adults have a lack of control over urination during sleep. So these water proof bed sheets are much useful for this kind of problems.

These water proof bed sheets are washable and have some absorbent pads which can absorb up to 3000 ml of water. They keep you dry and comfortable at the night. They are available in both single and double bed sizes so that you can choose one which is comfortable. They are washable and reusable so that you don’t have a need to purchase them again and hence they are cost effective.

Water proof bed sheets are provided with three layers which helps in absorbing large quantities of urine. The first layer will be in touch with the child, the second layer absorbs the liquid and the third layer protects the mattress from getting wet. They also have another top layer made of fabric. It is important to wash these bed sheets every day to avoid skin irritation and infections.

Bed sheets made of cotton top layer are very comfortable and quick absorbing. Polyester sheets also keeps the skin dry.

Its better to choose the waterproof bed sheet depending on the fabric used for top layer. Any ways it is not as comfortable as the normal bed sheet fabric which we use commonly.