Different Fabrics of Pillow Covers for Special Occasions

We have a tradition of decorating our homes depending upon the occasion. The decoration changes depending upon the situation. Among the decorative tools pillows covers are one which entirely changes the look of our furniture and hence the attire of our living room. They can change the entire environment pleasantly and elegantly. Mainly they reflect the taste and moods of the house hold. The appearance of the pillow cover mainly depends on the fabric used in its manufacturing. Different fabrics are used for special occasions. Lets have a look on them.

Velvet: The name of the fabric itself makes us feel soft and smooth. Not only the touch the appearance of the fabric is also so stiff which accomplishes the theme of the occasion. Since the fabric is costly it is mostly used for occasional pillow covers. It is available in all the colors and dark colors project more special and attractive look than the light ones.

Faux Seude: This is a fabric which has its unique smoothness and lightness. The pillow covers made of these fabric are best suited for every occasion. The brilliant colors and shades available in this fabric are a great asset for the decorative pillows. They are best suited for every occasion.

Satin: Satin is again a special fabric which is used especially for decorative pillows. Like velvet, it is also smooth and soft. It has a special shiny effect which makes the pillow covers made with satin perfect for the occasion.

Chenile: This fabric is often used for making decorative pillows. This fabric is some what soft and stretchy and can shrink after a wash. So it is always better to wash the fabric before stitching it in to pillow covers. These pillowcases look attractive since there is a raised level design on the surface so that it looks embossed.

These are different kinds of fabrics especially used for pillow covers which are used for special occasions.