Know About Synthetic and Mineral fibers

Not all the fabrics which we are using today are natural. With the invent of latest technology and with the changing views in the people many new fibers are invented which are nothing but man made fibers. Synthetic fibers are popularly called as man made fibers or artificial fibers. On the other hand mineral fibers are a kind of natural fibers. Let us know about these two kinds of fibers and their qualities.

Synthetic fibers: Among all the fibers which are in the market at present, the market of this synthetic fiber alone accounts nearly 80%. Since their use is not limited to fabric making they have been used in the production of many other things which are used industrially. The synthetic fibers include polyester, nylon, acrylic and the poly olefin. Among these fabrics polyester alone constitutes 60% of the whole market. Even though these fibers are man made some of them are highly durable and less expensive when compared to the natural fibers. Apart from fabric making these things are also used in many industrial appliances.

Mineral fibers: Mineral fibers include asbestos, basalt fire and the glass fiber . The asbestos is used for vinyl tiles, sheeting, and adhesives, whereas the basalt fire is used in transit panels and siding, acoustical ceilings, stage curtains and the fire blankets. Since all these things need tough fiber to survive in any conditions these mineral fibers are used.

Glass fiber is used in the manufacture of space suits, ironing board, mattress covers, ropes and cables, flame retardant and protective fabrics. These are best used as fire proof fibers and insulating fibers.

Often these fabrics are used with a blend of natural fibers to make the most use of them and to make the fabric even more durable.