Know How to use Garden Cloches

Arranging a protective cover for your garden plants is much helpful. Add a garden cloche for young and tender plants to protect them from harsh weather elements and also from pests, insects and animals. Cloches are generally bell shaped and made of glass. However, they are also available in different other designs made of clear materials like plastic. It is very easy to install and use a cloche for your garden plants.

  • Pour organic material into the garden bed to ensure that it holds heat. Then the cloches have to be set at desired locations of plantings. This is to be done a month before you plant, approximately two months before the frost free date. The entire cloche is kept in contact with the soil by leveling the soil in order to prevent its damage due to heavy winds.
  • Then the seeds should be planted under the cloches three to four weeks before the frost free date. Ensure that they are watered to keep the soil moist. The best way to water is by placing a length of perforated hose along the soil under the cloche. The cloche must be pressed down so that air flow does not come up under the edge.
  • Check if the plants are growing well or not.
  • When there is an improvement in the temperature conditions, and the seedlings are able to withstand low nighty temperatures on their own, you can remove the cloches.
  • The cloches should be cleaned with warm soapy water to remove any built up algae. It should be then kept aside till they are used for next time.

You can use the same cloches for three or four different crops in the same season with very little planning.