How to Select Garden Cloches?

It is well known that people who are interested in gardening often find new, creative and protective ways to keep their garden. Garden cloches are one of the best features. They are protective covers for plants which provide shelter for younger plants from harsh weather elements like frost, strong winds and hail. They also keep insects away and warm up the plant. Different types of garden cloches are available and one need to choose based on the type of plant and the model of gardening.

Plastic cloches are the general inexpensive garden cloches mostly in use. They are also very light to handle and you can clean and use them easily when gardening and dealing with the younger plants. They can be stacked or stored in a very small space as they can be rested one above the other. It is also very easy to transport them which saves much time and labor. However, plastic cloches are not that good in providing frost protection. They also do not last long as glass cloches. Only those which are much expensive and made of thicker gauge plastic can be used for a longer time.

Whereas glass cloches are ideal for protecting young and tender plants. They also add elegance to your garden area. With their perfect protection features, most of the gardeners prefer glass cloches. In exposed gardens, they can be used easily. They are also available in different sizes with various ventilation facilities. However, they cannot be stored easily and are prone to damage. The replacement and maintenance costs of the glass garden cloches are also higher when compared to the plastic ones. Hence, select the one based on your needs and affordability. Also consider the need and model of garden plants and make an appropriate selection of cloches.