Some Common Benefits of Gardening

diethylhexyl butamido triazoneGardening not only helps to spend our free time but it also brings positive change to those who are involved with it regularly. Gardening makes your home beautiful and gives different varieties of colorful flowers with good smell. Getting out into natural air makes people feel fresh and gives pleasant feeling that they have never experienced before. It gives pesticide free fresh vegetables and fruits which promotes your health with good nutritious food.

iscotrizinolGardening keeps us healthy and active throughout the day and it also provides exercise which will burn calories depending upon how much time you spend on gardening. Moving of body parts by planting, watering, digging will help your body to stay fit. It helps you gain both physical and mental benefits. Many people do not realize the benefits of gardening. If the garden space is less not convenient for traditional gardening, then you can at least opt for container gardening in small pots.

Also, be realistic on what you are doing for gardening and plan the landscape accordingly. Better minimize the usage of pesticides for your plants. Making your own food will give you more satisfaction. If you are an amateur in gardening, initially start with small plants. If you have any friends or relatives into professional gardening, you can always take their suggestions.

Here are some benefits of gardening:

Stress relief
Many people keep gardening as a hobby because it is a stress-busting activity. Gardening activities like planting, digging, weeding gives good physical exercise and bursts your tension out from your body. In fact we can say, there is no other stress busting activity like gardening. Many experts suggest that growing plants is an outstanding stress reliever. Making friends with nature and feeling fresh air not only relieves stress and changes your mood, but also it makes you feel active & healthy. All you have to do is, keep your mind very peaceful and feel every moment in the garden. This will reduce stress and gives lots of relaxation to your mind. Further, exposing to sunlight and natural air, improves your mood. So make sure you keep it as a hobby and not as a chore.

Boosts physical & mental health
Since gardening involves activities like digging, planting, watering, weeding and requires lot of physical work like moving, walking, bending & lifting, it gives good exercise to people. It helps in circulation of blood and enhances mood. It is a best exercise that burns about 270 calories per hour. Working in garden improves your mood, makes you a happier person, and provides you a positive boost up. If you make it as an everyday practice it can lower the risk of diabetes & heart diseases. Doing lot of physical activity will automatically reduce mental stress.

Reduces weight
Gardening is the best way to reduce weight. Plan gardening activity at least 3 to 5 times a week and it burns 270 calories per hour. Make the hobby of regular gardening for 30 minutes to an hour per day. If you are the beginner start initially with few minutes and then increase the hours. As you get used to more hours, you can burn more calories and reduce body weight.

Gardening pleases the mind
There is this benefit of gardening which is not talked about much, but the fact of the matter is that it pleases and gladdens the mind. It also allows to express the creative side of yourself. Along with the greenery of gardens, you can enhance it with various landscaping methods. One of the key aspects of landscaping the garden is choosing nice accessories to enhance your garden. Based on the type of garden there are several options to choose – which exercises your creative side and the results pleases your mind.

Pesticide free food
Growing your own vegetables and fruits means, you can restrict the usage of pesticides on plants. Compared to store bought food, organic vegetables and fruits produced on our own is more hygienic to eat. Growing our own garden not only keeps us away from eating toxic substances but gives more health and nutrition.