Several Types of Gardening

Gardening makes home colorful. But to make our garden colorful we have to work with it. First we need to start showing interest on planting the flower plants then of your favorite color.

A little planning gives our garden look very colorful. Apart from being decorative to our homes, it has many benefits to our physical and mental health. Gardening can be divided into several types based on how they are grown.

Woodland garden: 
Do you have large garden space in your house? Then start planning for woodland gardens with natural materials in the garden.

Here are some ways to start woodland gardens:
If you have already a wooded area or unused trees start woodland gardens in that wooded area only. You can grow garden using natural organic materials. For decorative purposes or creating natural paths in garden area, use pebbles, stones or bark chips.

If space is not suitable for growing large trees or plants, you can grow miniature gardens of woodland style in containers or pots. Woodland garden maintenance is very easy and these are called carefree plants. It gives a natural look to your garden.

Container garden:
Container gardening is also a part of gardening and it is also called pot gardening. It is a practice of growing plants in the pots or containers not directly on the ground. Container garden has many benefits like we can place the plants anywhere in the house.

Container garden is portable and it takes little place in the house. They are typically used for miniature type of gardens. Since the range of the container is very small, chances of attacking of soil-borne diseases is less. There will be no weed problems. It is a low risk type of gardening and requires very little investment. With container gardening, re-potting can be done based on our choice of plants.

Rock gardens:
Rock garden is a garden with a variety of rocks, stones, pebbles and boulders. Rock garden is nothing but arranging of rocks in different sizes and with small gaps to grow small plants in between them. Usually plants in rock gardens are very small. This type of garden is very popular in tourist places. In earlier days Chinese and Japanese used to decorate their gardens with different varieties of rocks. Rock garden is very attractive because it is unique in its own way. To make garden look more colorful, you can even color the stones & pebbles.