Know all About Indoor Gardening

Indoor gardening is growing plants indoor whether it is a home or office. Growing plants indoor have many advantages. These are commonly grown for decorative purpose, positive psychological effects and health reason such as purification of indoor air.

Plants suitable for indoor gardening
Indoor plants include areca Plant, golden emerald plant, rubber plant, mustard plant, aloe vera, boston fern, clivia mimata and phalaenopsis.

Steps for planning indoor gardening
Selection of plant
Just like outdoor gardening, huge number of plants are available for growing in indoor. Choose the plant you would like to grow. After choosing, decide how you are going to plant. This means either by seeding or getting clippings from the another plant. Make sure that you get the base of the clip. Then soak the clipping in soil mixed with water to take roots. This will take two weeks to bear roots. Then the plant is ready for placing in pot.

Selection of containers
It is the time for the selection of containers for growing plant. As you are growing plants in indoor, you can use traditional pots, plastic bottles or old vases. Container selection also plays major role if you grow indoor plant for decorative purpose. Don’t use containers that are treated with chemicals as it may kill the plant. Put holes in the bottom of the container to allow drainage.

Half of the Container should be filled with gravel and remaining with a nutritious soil. Then dig the soil to place the plant and push the soil around the roots to cover them.

Selection of location
Select the place which satisfies the requirements of sunlight and temperature for indoor plant. The requirements of indoor plant includes adequate sunlight, humidity, temperature, soil. Place the plant near the window so that it gets the sunlight through the window. Never keep the plant near fan or air vent as it dries out the plant and causes damage to it. Don’t place the plant in cold areas as it slow down the growth of plant or it can kill plant.

Maintain your plants
Once planting is completed, it is necessary to maintain your plants by ensuring that the plant is getting adequate sunlight, water, nutrients and maintaining adequate temperature in the soil.

Watering the plant is a difficult task as we should set reminder for ourselves daily. It is an advise to have drip system. It allows a series of tubes to each plant. Set timer, so that it allows water to each plant in a particular period in each day.

Soil heat mats should be placed in the bottom of the container and regulate the temperature of the soil. Although plant can be provided with lighting through sunlight, it is necessary to provide lighting to the indoor plants. It can be done by using heat lamps. Nutrients can be provided to the plant by incorporating fertilizers once in every two or three months.