Things to Take Care of While Traveling With Family

Family vacation is a perfect break and retreat to a working person. If you are planning out with your family, you have taken an appreciable decision. Pack your belongings accordingly and make sure you do not leave anything in anyone’s list. Meanwhile you have to take care of few things so that the trip remains a memory for life.

When you are with your family, you have to be extra cautious. The protection and comfort of the family becomes thing of prime importance. The need arises because you are in a new or different place. You do not know the place nor do you know the kind of people over there. So you have to be on watch and always have a keen eye on the family members and your belongings. You should stay away from suspicious places and persons and limit your travel to safe destinations. Remember, the time you spend together is more important. You should always stay together and inform someone if going somewhere. The head of the family should have emergency services numbers of the place and he should distribute it with every member of the family. Though you are on a vacation, there should be a code of conduct to follow. You should gather your family and discuss it to make sure that everyone will comply.

Health is a major issue if you travel with family
If someone falls ill during the trip, the mood of the family gets dull stealing all the fun from the trip. Keeping little things in mind will help you out from ruining the trip. First see to it that if anybody is undergoing some medication for any ailment. In serious cases, consulting a doctor before trip is necessary. In other cases, you should at least keep sufficient medicine for the trip with you. It becomes important if you are traveling with infants or old people. Old people should be avoided if you are planning to go on a trip that involves lot of trekking and other physical work. Carrying a first aid kit is always advisable. Kids always tend to get themselves hurt. Small kids running here are there needs a constant watch. They may end up losing themselves. Keep antiseptics, band aids and other things in it. On the trip, always eat at hygienic places and have good food.

A trip to remember
You will always cherish the time you will spend with your family. After you will come home, you will have a lot of memories and stories to tell your friends and family members. The quality of time you spend with your family is unmatchable. It will give time to know your family better and strengthen the relationship you share. Make sure you enjoy every moment of the trip you share with your family.

Working of Cooling System in Vehicles

Have you ever thought of how your engine cools? Or, how the cooling system of your car works? If you are interested to know how it works, it’s worth to read this article.

Inside your car hood air/fuel is constantly burnt due to which lot of heat from combustion goes out through the exhaust system, but some amount of heat remains in the engine, due to this the engine components heated up. If the heating of engine components happens continuously, the engine lifespan decreases. The engine runs effectively when coolant is at 200-230 degrees Fahrenheit.

Working of cooling system in vehicles
Cooling system in the vehicles are adopted to keep the engine from over heating by transferring the heat to atmosphere. When the engine is cold the components wear out and engine is less efficient and emits more pollutants,the coolant system allows the engine to heat up as quickly as possible and then keeping the engine at constant temperature.
The components of cooling system consists of :

  • Water pump
  • Engine
  • Thermostat
  • Radiator fans
  • Heater core
  • Pressure regulator
  • Radiator

We discuss how the cooling system works
A car engine produces a lot of heat when it’s running, and should be cooled continuously to avoid engine over heating. The engine is cooled by circulating water mixed with anti freezers. Some engines are cooled by air flowing through the air cooling fins.

A cooling passage is arranged around the engine block and cylinder head through which the coolant runs. At the top of the cylinder head all the coolant channels are converge to single passage.

A water pump, driven by a pulley and belt, drives hot coolant from the engine to the radiator,
The radiator acts as a heat exchanger, the hot coolant is passed through the radiator to the atmospheric air stream. The atmospheric air and the radiator fins absorb the coolant heat and the cooled coolant returns to inlet of water pump and again it flows back to the engine block and the cylinder head. The process thus continues.

The water pump sends coolant up through the engine and down through the radiator. The radiator is connected to the engine by rubber hoses, and has a top and bottom tank connected by many fine tubes.
These tubes pass through the radiator fins and lose heat rapidly to the cooler air passing through the radiator fins.
The extra pressure of coolant is regulated by the radiator cap, which is equipped with a pressure valve in it. Excess pressure in the system can be removed by opening the pressure regulator valve.
With a cooling system of this type, there is a continual loss of coolant if the engine runs very hot.
Most vehicles are equipped with water-cooled cooling system, because it’s more effective than the air-cooled cooling system.

Know all About Indoor Gardening

Indoor gardening is growing plants indoor whether it is a home or office. Growing plants indoor have many advantages. These are commonly grown for decorative purpose, positive psychological effects and health reason such as purification of indoor air.

Plants suitable for indoor gardening
Indoor plants include areca Plant, golden emerald plant, rubber plant, mustard plant, aloe vera, boston fern, clivia mimata and phalaenopsis.

Steps for planning indoor gardening
miniature gardenSelection of plant
Just like outdoor gardening, huge number of plants are available for growing in indoor. Choose the plant you would like to grow. After choosing, decide how you are going to plant. This means either by seeding or getting clippings from the another plant. Make sure that you get the base of the clip. Then soak the clipping in soil mixed with water to take roots. This will take two weeks to bear roots. Then the plant is ready for placing in pot.

Selection of containers
It is the time for the selection of containers for growing plant. As you are growing plants in indoor, you can use traditional pots, plastic bottles or old vases. Container selection also plays major role if you grow indoor plant for decorative purpose. Don’t use containers that are treated with chemicals as it may kill the plant. Put holes in the bottom of the container to allow drainage.

Half of the Container should be filled with gravel and remaining with a nutritious soil. Then dig the soil to place the plant and push the soil around the roots to cover them.

Selection of location
Select the place which satisfies the requirements of sunlight and temperature for indoor plant. The requirements of indoor plant includes adequate sunlight, humidity, temperature, soil. Place the plant near the window so that it gets the sunlight through the window. Never keep the plant near fan or air vent as it dries out the plant and causes damage to it. Don’t place the plant in cold areas as it slow down the growth of plant or it can kill plant.

Maintain your plants
Once planting is completed, it is necessary to maintain your plants by ensuring that the plant is getting adequate sunlight, water, nutrients and maintaining adequate temperature in the soil.

Watering the plant is a difficult task as we should set reminder for ourselves daily. It is an advise to have drip system. It allows a series of tubes to each plant. Set timer, so that it allows water to each plant in a particular period in each day.

Soil heat mats should be placed in the bottom of the container and regulate the temperature of the soil. Although plant can be provided with lighting through sunlight, it is necessary to provide lighting to the indoor plants. It can be done by using heat lamps. Nutrients can be provided to the plant by incorporating fertilizers once in every two or three months.

How to Change the Flattened Tire of Your Car

When you are driving you may face a situation: your car tire become flattened, which might be because of diverse reasons. The solution at the moment is to replace the flattened tire with another one, which you are likely to have.

Do you want to change the tire without asking anyone’s help. The changing of tire is a simple task, provided you are prepared and willing to put some effort.

We’re going to discuss the step to be followed to change the flat tire of your car. Follow are simple steps to fix the problem:

How to change flat tire of your car

  • Find a safe spot to remove the flattened tire
    • When your driving your car on an highway or city roads if the car tire suddenly blasted find a safe spot for parking your car even if you have to drive on a blown tire.
    • You can also pull your car as far onto the shoulder as possible to avoid traffic jam or some other issues by parking in middle of the road..
    • Don’t park in the middle of a turning where approaching cars can’t see you.
    • Also, choose a level spot; jacking up your car on a hill can cause dangerous issues.
    • If you have a manual transmission, leave your car in gear.
    • Make sure that your parking brake set in “On” condition
  • Turn “on”hazard lights while you are yet to start replacing flat tires
    • Before starting turn “On” your hazards lights.
    • Get the jack, wrench, and spare tire from the rear trunk of the car and bring them near to the flat tire. Use other tools if required.
  • Use the wrench to loosen the nuts
    • Firstly you need to remove the hubcap.
    • Don’t remove the lug nuts simply loosen them by turning the wrench to the counter-clockwise direction.
    • If the lug nuts are very tight try placing them with wrench on the nut and stand on the wrench arm to use your full weight to loosen lug nut.
    • You can also try hitting the wrench arm with a stone, that you can find from around.
  • Use the jack to lift the vehicle from the ground level
    • Different car models may have different places to put the jack.
    • Before lifting the vehicle go through your owner’s manual for finding the exact position.
    • Once the jack is in the correct spot, lift the car until the tire is above the ground level.
    • Lift the vehicle until you fill comfortable for changing the flat tire.
  • Remove the lug nuts and pull off the tire from the car
    • Remove the lug nuts. Make sure to place the lug nuts in a safe area so that you won’t misplace them. Pull the tire and remove it from the wheel base.
  • Fix the new tire on to the wheel base
    • After removing all the fasten parts fix the new tire to the wheel base.
  • Place spare tire on the car
    • Reconnect the lug nut posts with the holes in the spare tire.
    • Push the spare tire all the way onto the wheel base until it can’t go any farther.
  • Reconnect the lug nuts
    • Reconnect the lug nuts
    • Don’t fix them on tightly, just make sure they’re on enough for the spare to stay on the car for a moment.
  • Lower the car back to the ground
    • Use the jack to bring the car down to ground level.
    • Remove the jack from underneath the car.
  • Make sure the lug nuts are tightened
    • You can now tighten the lug nuts.
    • Rather than tightening them one by one in order, start with one lug nut, tighten it about 50% move to the opposite nut and tighten that one about the same amount.
    • Keep tightening opposite lug nuts in turn until each lug nut is as tight as it can be.
  • Put your flat tire and tools back in your trunk
    • After tightening all the required components Put the flat tire and tools back into the rear trunk. Make sure that you don’t leave anything on the side of the road.


How to Design a Deck in Your Garden Landscape?

Are you interested in outdoor living? Need some space for spending your time in your outdoor? Then, the deck is the best place for you. This deck is the perfect area for the patio was you could have an option of outdoor living. You will have different options, designs and sizes available for construction of the deck. His article helps you in choosing the best deck and constructs it in your garden for outdoor living.

Steps to design a deck in your garden yard or landscape
miniature treesChoose the design and location of your deck:
Before you move for the construction of the deck, the first thing you have to do is selecting the location of the deck. Location of the deck in your garden can be near a swimming pool and it should be as an extension of your home. These are mostly on the backside of your home. The size and shape of the deck depends on the budget that you can spend on it. The design that you choose should also match with your garden yard. For great appearance, you can choose a curved deck and a natural look to your garden landscape. The style that you choose should be appropriate that can be simple or elaborated.

Surface of your deck:
If you need a permanent deck that lasts long then go with the stone options otherwise wood will fit in the small amount of budget. Therefore, the choice is yours. However, though you move for wood you should take the help of stones, concrete, composite for construction of the deck. So, choose the one that fits in your budget.

Pool or bathtub in your deck:
If you are planning for a large deck then, you can also construct a small pool or bathtubs in your deck. If you are planning for those then the deck needs a privacy place for construction. Therefore, it is better to construct the deck on your back yard of the garden.

Construct the deck:
Once, you have planned all those that are necessary in your deck the, start constructing you deck with all the materials gathered at one place. Take the help of the builder for construction and give him suggestions as per your requirements. Once construction is over then you will have to move for maintenance.

Maintain it well:Miniature Gardening
If you have a pool or bathtub constructed in your deck then, it requires regular maintenance to keep the surface of the deck clean and neat or whatever you have in deck should be maintained well. Maintenance makes your deck long lasting. Think about the maintenance also before you move for the construction.

These are the few simple steps or tips for building or constructing a deck in your garden landscape. Deck in your garden will give you fresh air so that you can spend your leisure time over there.