Laser Cavity Detection Helps Dentists Detect Decays in Teeth Easily

With advancement in technology, there are many technical devices coming everyday in every field which makes the work of people easier. In the same way, dental technology is also evolving which makes the work of the dentists easy and also helps patients feel comfort with painless and fast treatments. Today, for detecting cavities a new technology has emerged. It is laser cavity detection in the early stage of cavities in the teeth.

Laser cavity detection
Many people say that they don’t have cavities from many years and therefore, they don’t consult a dentist regularly. Or the dentist may not be aware of the small cavities in the teeth because they may be using the traditional X-rays detection technique that doesn’t perfectly detect the cavities in teeth. The laser technique is a good solution for early detection of cavities in your teeth. This technique uses the advanced diagnodent device for detecting the cavities. It is difficult to detect the problem with traditional method because of the fluoride in the drinking water and due to the hardness of the tooth enamel. To resolve this issue, this technology is very useful.

This tool is useful in detecting the cavities that are located under the healthy teeth surface. The procedure is very simple – a pen like probe is used for sending the laser beam to check if cavities, if any are there.

A laser beam is sent into the teeth and the beam measures fluorescence on different layers of teeth, if any cavities are located it exhibits fluorescence, otherwise it does not.

If there are hidden cavities, the number scale and the alarm of the device will give a signal with high readings detecting the cavities located beneath the tooth surface. This is completely painless and a safe way to detect the cavities compared to the traditional X-rays, and also this technique detects the cavities years before than the traditional method, which helps the patient a lot. This is the latest and up-to-date for screening the problems.

Benefits of laser cavity detection method

  • It is safe and painless when compared to traditional X-ray as it projects light energy rather than rays exposure.
  • Detects the cavities and other minor problems in the early stages which saves money and time spent on the treatment.
  • The cost of detecting the cavities using this technique is less when compared to traditional technique.

Early detection technique saves money and time. So, this is beneficial when compared to traditional technique of using X-rays to detect cavities.