Dental Procedure for Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening treatment is performed to improve health conditions of gum tissues. The treatment can be performed to re-shape and re-counter bone or gum tissues on a single or multiple teeth or entire gum line.

Benefits of crown lengthening

  • Crown lengthening is done to restore the damaged teeth and broken teeth that are effected with periodontal diseases like tooth decay.
  • Removing extra gum tissues will give a healthy and balanced look and also improves the appearance of your smile.
  • Dental crowns will not damage your teeth from gum tissues and bone after placing.

How crown lengthening is performed?

  • Once you visit your dentist he will take some x-rays of your teeth and prepare some report to review your teeth condition.
  • Next he will give you the appointment for the crown lengthening treatment.
    • During the treatment you will be given anesthesia.


  • After all the teeth are exposed, the area will be washed using sterile salt water then stitches are made on the gums.
  • After healing of the gum tissues you must visit the dentist for final crowns or filling.

After the treatment when your are in conscious stage you would feel some pain as it is a surgical treatment and as the gum tissues are removed.

Dentist will give you some precautions to get relief from the pain. You will be asked to follow healthy diet by your dentist and brushing to be done on teeth avoiding gums. If you want to remove the food particles from your mouth then you must use tooth pick.

Risks involved in crown lengthening procedure:

  • There is a chance of bleeding in the area where surgery is performed.
  • Infections may develop after the treatment.
  • As teeth roots are exposed there will be sensitivity problems when you eat cold and hot foods.
  • Due to the removal of the tissue and bone, the teeth may look longer compared to the adjacent teeth

Crown lengthening helps your crowns look healthy but the procedure is complicated as it takes months to complete the entire procedure.