Importance of Bone Regeneration to Protect Your Teeth and Tissue

Bone regeneration
Bone regeneration is necessary for the people who are in the advanced stages of gum diseases where the bone loss occurs and can’t be regenerated by its own. In the early stages of the disease, the dentist can use small techniques like scaling or root planning to remove the tartar and avoid gum diseases but if the bone is lost the it can’t repair or regenerate by its own – it requires jaw bone regeneration. This bone regeneration is necessary to prevent the loss of the teeth or when the dentist wants to prepare the teeth for dental implants. It is also performed for the existing teeth and soft tissues of the teeth.

Bone regeneration is also done for the people who are having the missing teeth and who are not suitable for dental implants as the dentures will make the process slow as they won’t allow the loss of bone, which makes the teeth loss. This treatments helps the patient a lot in restoring their lost bone.

There are two types of bone regeneration methods and the procedure is similar for both of the methods. Even though the procedure is same, they separately concentrate on the specific parts of the teeth.

Treatment procedure
At first, the dentist will clean all the tartar over the teeth and below the gum line. Here bio compatible membranes are placed between the teeth, which act as a membrane and this prevents the gum to grow and also allows for the new bone growth.
First method, Guided bone regeneration method (GBR) is used for regeneration of the bone that can support the dental implants i.e., fake teeth and prevents the teeth from loss.

Second method, Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR). This method more concentrates of the tissues rather than the bone as GBR method even though they both have the same procedure. These are focused more on soft tissues of the teeth. This treatment is used for restoring the damaged parts of the teeth, bone etc.

This procedures are different from bone grafting in which it replaces the lost bone with other bone of your body. Instead here the graft strengthens by forming a bridge between the bone and itself.

This is how the dental bone regeneration is done. Dentists usually perform the bone regeneration along with bone grafting for the best benefits fro the patient. With proper care this bone regeneration takes less time to regenerate the lost bone due to gum diseases.