How to Replace Windshield Wiper Blades of Your Car and Change the Wiper Blade Fluid?

Wiper blades are important when you are driving in rainy season or winter. In either of the sessions. It’s, therefore, important to take care of the wind-shield wiper blades by timely replacing the wiper blade fluid that lubricates the component.

Windshield wiper blade replacement
To replace your cars wiper blade, check the following steps that will help you to change the blades easily.

Check whether your car needs new wiper blades
If you are going to change the wiper blades, first, you need to check whether your car needs new wiper blades. Make sure to check the condition of the car wiper blades. If needed go, with the following steps.

Know which part of the wiper blades are to be changed
Once you confirm that your car needs new windshield wiper blades, see to it that which part of the wiper blades to be changed as it is made of three parts namely, the lower wiper arm, the rubber blade and the metal blade.

Purchase the wiper blades
After you choose which part to change, go for buying those wiper blades that suit your car wiper blades, especially that part has to be replaced. Ask the dealer to show you different brands of the same model, size. The size should of the blades that you are replacing should be measured with a tape or a ruler and make sure to get the one that is having the same size among the different brands shown by the dealer.

Remove the old wipers
Remove the old wiper blades that are to be replaced from the windshield properly without any breakage to the car mirrors or the blades.

Install the new blades
Finally, insert the new wiper blades that you have purchased after the metal wiper arm is taken away from the windshield and unhooking the old wiper blades. With this, you are done with the installation of new wiper blades to your car and the windshield wiper is ready.

Adding wiper fluid
Adding wiper fluid includes just two steps. One is opening the hood and checking whether the wiper fluid can is empty. If it is empty, add the wiper fluid and close the cap of the can and also the hood. This is how you can add fluid to your wiper blade can.

Following these tips you do the job easily. The entire process is simple – you can do it without any professional training.