How to Maintain Your Car Lights

Lights are vital components as they ensure safety of vehicles. These electrical components in a car must be checked regularly to ensure smooth operation of a vehicle. As part of car maintenance the lights must be checked for proper operation for your safety as well as others.

Lights are crucial for the safety of car
Lights are the lifeline of a car. Lights will alert you of anything coming from front and also let’s others know that you are there and going. Brake lights will alert others coming from your back that you are going to stop.

Turn indicators will warn others coming from the rear end that your going to turn. The headlights will help you see the road clearly and also warns the other vehicle to see you. Any one of these lights are not functioning means you are putting yourself and others life in danger. Therefore, keep checking the functioning of lights regularly.

Check for the indication and warning lights on the dashboard. Before starting off in a car, check whether all lights are in proper working condition or not. If there is any problem then go to the nearest mechanic and get it replaced. If this happens continuously, there is some problem in cars electrical system and it should be fixed as soon as possible.

Check for the bulb whether blown out or in good condition
Ensure that the lights work properly. Check for all the other electrical components like horns, window demisters,etc. whether they are working properly. If the bulb has broken, it is easy to replace on your own without using any tools and in turn you can save the labor charges.

As the bulb is not working check the wiring system whether any loose connections are there. The wiring system should be hassle free and it should not have any short circuiting. Blown out fuse means there is something wrong in the system and should be corrected as soon as possible.

Take extra care while changing the headlight bulbs
If the headlight bulb has broken or malfunctioning, it is easy to replace. Today, mostly halogen filled bulbs with special coating outside the glass have come in the market. If you hold the bulb with your hand, you will leave small traces of oil and grease on the glass surface.

After the bulb is used, it gets hotter and can crack. So, while changing the headlight bulb wear a surgical glove and hold the holder of the bulb.