Types of Car Batteries and Their Advantages

Are you confused which type of battery to choose for your car? To get you out of this confusion we have created this article that provides the various types of car batteries and their advantages. Every battery has its own advantage and you need to determine which suits best for your car. Some of the batteries that can be used for your car are:

Flooded or wet cell battery: This is one of the most popular battery type available in the market today and it costs less. These batteries come in various sizes and shapes. Maintenance of this batteries is very easy and gases are not replaced. You don’t have to keep topping this batteries as the fluid in it lasts until the battery dies. The price of the battery varies based on the brand that you choose.

Lithium ion battery: These batteries are designed especially for hybrid electric cars. The lithium ion batteries are power packed. These batteries store more energy in small space available than the traditional batteries. Lithium is the metal which gives stamina to the batteries as it has the most energy density and electrochemical potential. As they are slim and compact, installation is very easy. This makes the car body free in designing.

Rechargeable liquid battery: These batteries are designed for electric vehicles and the energy here is stored in the form of liquid. These are recharged just like traditional batteries or by pumping fuel. The materials in the rechargeable batteries helps in traveling long distance which will be five time more than electric vehicles today. The challenges with the electric cars like long recharge time and limited range of driving are achieved with this rechargeable liquid or electrode batteries.

Deep cycle battery: These batteries provide power for a long time for the car. These batteries are used mostly for electric vehicles and you can also use these batteries to store solar or wind power. But, this is not used for cars that travels long because they discharge the power quickly. These batteries are really very expensive and not much recommended for cars.

Calcium-calcium battery: These batteries are made of calcium alloys on differently charged plates which reduces the fluid loss. These batteries are maintenance free and are highly performed batteries. These batteries have increased life time if they are properly charged and not overcharged.

Choose a battery for for your car according to the its requirements.