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Benefits of Yoga Cleansing?

People are extra cautious of external cleaning of their bodies today. But what about internal cleaning of body? We all know that our body works like a machine and has to be continuously cleaned and maintained. The body contains toxins from the decayed food particles present in our body. Due to these toxins, free radicals are formed and can lead to severe health issues. The body releases toxins in the form of mucus, gas, acid, sweat, urine and stool. So, these toxins that has to be removed and cleaned for the proper functioning of the body. To remove these toxins from our body, we can opt for Yoga cleansing techniques.

Yoga cleansing techniques help clean and detoxify the internal parts of our body like the digestive system and the airways. Apart from the health benefits, it offers preventing of diseases.

However Yoga cleansing includes varieties of techniques. Shatkarma is part of Yoga. Shatkarma, according to the Hatha Yoga involves six yogic cleansing processes of the body such as Neti, Basti, Tratak, Kapalabharti and Nauli. These processes clean the eyes, respiratory system, food pipes, and tone up abdominal viscera and the small intestine.

Benefits of Yoga cleansing are as follows:

  • Stimulates the mind and aids in removing lethargy.
  • It eliminates the toxins and help build resistance to diseases.
  • It washes and cleans the parts of the body such as the colon, sinus tracts, the stomach etc.
  • It also helps develop greater self-awareness.
  • It provides massaging effect to the applied areas thereby it helps in effective working of the organs.
  • Prevents aging.
  • Vital capacity improves.
  • It increases one’s capacity to think, digest, taste, feel and express.


Want to Know About Vitamin P or Bioflavonoids?

Bioflavonoids, also known as Vitamin P, is not a vitamin, but can be classified as a vitamin. The term Bioflavonoids comes from many different ingredients which include hesperidin, hesperin, eriodictyol, Quercetin, rutin etc. Body cannot manufacture this nutrient and must be supplied in the diet.

Bioflavonoids and Vitamin C are taken together because it extends the action of vitamin C. Bioflavonoids are efficient in the treatment of sport injuries as they are pain relieving. They may also be used in relieving pain in the legs, across the back and can lessen the symptoms of prolonged bleeding, a low serum calcium as well as oral herpes.

Bioflavonoids preserves the structures of capillaries, have an antibacterial effect and promote circulation even assisting with fighting allergies, asthma etc. They may be indicated in the production of bile, lowering blood cholesterol levels and in the prevention and treatment of cataracts.

Vitamin P is one flavonoid element that does a lot for our bodies and are referred to as Bioflavonoids, can help us be healthy and active. Vitamin P is found in a variety of citrus fruits, and plays a big role in making sure our bodies properly absorb Vitamin C. The bioflavonoids properties of Vitamin P impact the condition of our blood as well, by helping ensure that our red blood cells and the blood platelets do not clump together.

This vitamin also promotes capillary health as well, aiding in the proper function of the capillaries and also helping to prevent capillary bleeding. Vitamin P also is great for anyone who is prone to bleeding gums, as the vitamin helps prevent and also heal weak blood vessels located in the gums. (more…)

Is it Good to Buy Contacts without Prescription?

According to the US federal laws every contact lens purchase need a prescription. May it be corrective lens or a simple fancy or colored lens, every purchase should be done using a valid prescription which is prescribed for the concerned person’s eye. Any person who sell the lenses without prescription is subjected to law as he is involved in illegal act. The United States law strictly states that all the contact lenses including the colored contacts, prosthetic lens and the lenses which do not posses any power are classified as medical devices under the federal law and hence needs a valid prescription.

When a certain law is made for the purchase of any kind of lens, it shows the necessity of the prescription in case of all the contact lenses. All the laws made by the federal government are meant for the safety of its citizens and to make them aware about the underlying damages. Following the state rules means saving ourselves from the dangers and the threats associated with the improper usage.

Coming to the drawbacks of getting lens with out prescription. There are more chances of getting your eyes damaged with the lenses which do not fit your eyes. In fact a prescription is required to define the size and the shape of both the eyes and to prescribe the lens which are suitable for your eyes. In the absence of such prescription, there are more number of chances that a person can get the lenses which are not suitable for their eyes. This may result in the eyes getting hurt and if neglected or when the use continues it could lead to damage. Remember, eyes are the most sensitive parts of the body. Something as simple as a small dust particle can make you see hell just for few seconds. If it is the case, when you are trying to insert something which is as big as a button just imagine the amount of pain the eye is going to face.

So,it is always beneficial to get prescription for all types of lenses and to make sure that the prescription is updated after every one year. This leads to healthy eyes with happy vision.

What are the Symptoms of Gum Diseases and Treatment Methods of Gum Diseases

Gum disease or periodontal disease begins when the mouth contains bacteria. The bacteria along with mucus and other particles will constantly form a sticky and colorless plaque on teeth. If the plaque is not cleaned it becomes hard and forms tartar which cannot be removed by brushing and can be removed by a dentist through professional cleaning. A healthy gum must be in pink and firm to keep your teeth securely placed. The gums should not bleed when touched or during brushing. The infected gums are silent and you may not feel pain. The symptoms will not appear till the advanced stage of the disease.

The symptoms include the following:
Bad breath, bleeding gums while eating hard food and brushing, swelling and redness in gums, loose or separating teeth, pus between gums and teeth, receding gums.
Digital X-rays or radio graphs show tartar on teeth, bone loss and depth of your roots.

Treatment for gum diseases are:

Flap surgery
During this procedure first anesthesia is applied in the gum so that it can be lifted back to expose the tooth and bone and dentists remove tartar. This method reduces the space size between the gum and the tooth and decreases the area where the bacteria can grow.

Root Planing:
The goal of this procedure is a deep cleaning is done by giving local anesthesia to remove plaque and tartar from gums thereby removing infection. Smoothing the rough spots of gums removes bacteria and provides a clean surface for attaching the teeth.

Professional Teeth Cleaning:
This procedure is used for the removal of tartar where it has occurred in the areas that are difficult to reach in normal brushing. This procedure includes tooth scaling and tooth polishing if too much tartar is accumulated. Various instrument and devices are used by dentists to remove the deposits from teeth.

Bone grafts:
This method is used to replace the lost bone using fragments of bone, synthetic bone that is destroyed due to gum disease. The replacement of bone will provide stability to teeth.

Healthy guns ensure healthy teeth, hence it should be taken care that, the hygiene and health of the gums are maintained. (more…)

What is a Liquid Vitamin C?

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is a water-soluble vitamins which means it dissolves in water when consumed. The excess of the vitamin, if any, is excreted via urine. That means you need a continuous supply of such vitamins in your diet.

The main function of vitamin C is to repair and growth of tissues in all parts of your body and also helps in boosting the immunity.

It is used as an antioxidant agent which forms an important protein which makes skin look beautiful and prevents you from aging. It also helps in repairing and maintaining bones and teeth.

The body cannot make vitamin C on its own, so you have to take plenty of vitamin-C in your diet because it is a water-soluble vitamin. Thus, when a person has deficiency of vitamin C, he or she lands up with scurvy.

Liquid vitamin C is a solution that is gaining favor as a vitamin supplement that is available for all age groups to intake so as to meet the requirement of vitamin C in the body.

The main benefit of liquid vitamin C over other vitamin C supplements is easily absorbed by the body. So mainly this is suitable for the children who suffers from vitamin C deficiency. However, if you have taken too much Vitamin C supplement whether in the form of liquid or other forms then there may be a chances of toxicity in your body.

However too little or too much can lead to severe problems on different organs of the body. So, better check to take doses according to the required amount of Vitamin C for the normal and healthy functioning of the human body.

Vitamin C is available in the market in the form of packaged juice, fresh-squeezed juice, supplements etc. But dosage should be taken according to the advice of the doctor. (more…)