How to Stop Teeth Grinding or Home Remedies for Teeth Grinding?

Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism is a medical condition in which a person grinds their upper teeth with the lower teeth unconsciously. Many researchers are saying that it is a medicine for relieving the stress out whenever the person gets frustrated, anxiety and anger on something.

In many cases its not a problem but if you are the person who regularly grind your teeth while you are in sleep can cause severe problems to your teeth. So, there are some tips to stop teeth grinding.

  • Control your stress by doing meditation and exercise if you have severe teeth grinding problem. If the problem is not too severe, take a warm bath and a cup of milk before going to bed. Or you can read books or talk with your siblings in order to ease out your fears.
  • Use mouth guards, splints or any other protective dental devices to your teeth which can help you from damaging the teeth whenever you are in sleep. However use customized mouth guards, otherwise you feel discomfort.
  • Attend stress counseling and behavior therapies programs which will help you stop teeth grinding.
  • Taking some muscle relaxants prescribed by doctor helps you stop teeth grinding.
  • Chew some vegetables or fruits before going to bed as it will calm your mouth and prevents the grinding of your teeth during sleep.
  • Put warm wash cloth on your face to relax your self from the stress.
  • Perform some deep breathing techniques which will relax you and make comfortable.

The above are some of the remedies for teeth grinding which prevent grinding teeth.