Know About Drug Withdrawal

Drug withdrawal is called so during the termination of the drug taking. In general, this is considered as the situation or the case where the usage of the recreational drugs may be decreased. When a person reaches the case of addiction then in those cases, the brain starts working like the spring. Brain depressants like drugs and alcohol, pushes down the spring. These depressants suppress the production of the neurotransmitters like noradrenaline in the brain. Then suddenly if the weight of the spring is taken off i.e., when the person stops using the drugs, then the brain will rebound just like the spring and starts producing adrenaline which again causes withdrawal symptoms.

Depending on the drug, the withdrawal may be different. Some of the drugs produce physical withdrawal and some of the drugs produce both physical and the emotional withdrawal. The withdrawal will vary according to the person. Some will have more emotional withdrawal and some will have less physical withdrawal.

The drug withdrawal is often considered as the drug hazard. For the drugs, these withdrawal effects will be more as they target more on the central nervous system. Because of the drugs, the rebound effects will be caused which make most of the people think that they cannot stay away from the drug. After the withdrawal, person suffers more.

So, the best solution is to stop the usage slowly. Consult the doctor who will give suggestions for the withdrawal problems.

There are two types of withdrawal symptoms the physical symptoms and the emotional symptoms. Dysphoria is obtained as a result of discontinuation of the drug. Dysphoria is the opposite of euphoria.