What Are Financial Services that are Offered

Financial services are services which are offered by the finance industry. A broad range of organizations are included by the finance industry that deal with the money management. These organizations can be credit card companies, banks, consumer finance companies,insurance companies, stock brokerages, some government sponsored enterprises, investment funds.

Developing offers of basic money services is the strategy of the core of services. For these products the target groups are the underserved or unbanked customers who already visit the stores for their basic needs of money. Some of the low cost financial services are rolled out such as money card, a reloadable prepaid visa card. Short-term consumer loans, check cashing, bill payment, and prepaid debit card services, credit card services are provided to unbanked customers.

Desire and propensity have been demonstrated by unbanked consumers to invest in savings and investment vehicles at least a portion of their refunds.