Vistaproof: An Outbreak in Plaque and Caries Detection

Dental plaque is harmful to teeth. It’s a thin film of food residues on the outer surface of the tooth. Plaque looks pale yellow and happens naturally on teeth by colonizing bacteria on tooth’s smooth surface. While Dental caries are cavities in the teeth due to a bacterial infection.

The need for vistaproof over other conventional equipment
It is often for fissure caries, although the tooth seems healthy outside, its real condition underneath the surface is hardly detectable, with the usual diagnostic methods. Recent Surveys have revealed that the classic visual caries diagnostic, tactile sensors offer only a very limited degree of detection safety. Even X-ray images do not yield a positive finding for occlusal lesions up to 3 mm.

Vistaproof has a structure similar to a conventional intraoral camera and can be operated just as easily and ergonomically where they ensure a steady camera position and block out external light, leading to reproducible measurement results. The documentation of the results in a patient database offers new opportunities for successful caries management.

The image processingsoftware DBSWIN quantifies the diagnosis in color scheme from blue to yellow is ideal for compact diagnosis, prophylaxis etc of current surgeries. It enables reliable detection of fissure caries after a professional cleaning, as fast as inspection with the mirror.

Use of vistaproof for detection of bacteria
“Fluorescence technology“ may sound complicated, but it is a big plus, simple and well-approved in human medicine. Special light-intensity LEDs, similar form from intraoral cameras, impart high-energy violet light onto the tooth surface. Light of this wavelength stimulates porphyrins, special metabolites of cariogenic bacteria, to emit red light, which contains less energy.

Enamel, in contrast, sends out green light. On the monitor the fluorescent image of the porphyrins the cariogenic bacteria appear in a bright red color, and are easily detected. The denser the colonization, the more intensive the signal, and the more significant the caries finding. Even visually undetected caries are also recognized. The software highlights the caries lesions in different colors and defines the activity on a scale from 0 to 5 providing orientation for the first evaluation: observe, mineralogist or treat invasive.

Plaque and caries diagnostics with VistaProof

  • Visualization of plaque provides very demonstrative proof of the status of the oral hygiene
  • Motivates the patient to carry out a professional tooth cleaning.
  • Cleaning of the tooth surfaces, make even the invisible carious lesions detected fast and safely.
  • If treatment is required, intraoperative detection of remaining bacteria in the fluorescent
  • image.

Benefits provided by vistaproof

  • VistaProof provides safer
  • Reliable detection of initial enamel caries with high reproducibility
  • Accurate analysis through intelligent automatic image processing
  • Demonstrative plaque diagnostics without any coloring agents
  • Visibly convincing communication
  • Fast caries diagnostics
  • Easy connection to the surgery software

Differences Between Burglary and Home Invasion

Home invasion and burglary in some states are considered the same and in some states they are different, but both the activities are illegal and there is a notable difference between them. Read the article to know the difference between home invasion and burglary and some know tips to get protect yourself from them.

Burglary is a crime or illegal activity done by entering into the home without the permission of the owner for the purpose of theft. It is also defined as breaking and entering the house at the night time with the intent on committing crime. For example, a person who enters in to a pharmacy for stealing prescription can be convicted as burglar.

Here breaking can be done by forcing to open a door by fraud or threat. Breaking may not be any thing in terms of physical damage. Whereas, entering involves physical entry of a person to theft of property. There is a common law for burglary and in order to satisfy the law burglary should involve both breaking and entering.

Home invasion
In some states, home invasion is an un-authorized or, forceful entry in to a house with an intent to commit a crime against the occupants such as murder, kidnap, robbery, etc. It is different from burglary. Home invasion is governed by the state laws and it varies from state to state.

Punishments for both of them vary from state to state. The punishment for burglary is more than one year in prison along with fine, whereas home invasion has more punishment and for armed home invasion some states impose terms of life.

Tips to protect yourself and your family from burglary and home invasion

  • It is better to take precautions before the crime takes place. Analyze what may happen at first, be cautious of the changes and be prepared for the situation.
  • Know your neighborhood and build relationship with them. Take their help when necessary.
  • Check how much security is necessary for your home.
  • Shield your home with strong home interior, exterior, windows, doors, etc.
  • If possible use all your skills against the criminal. Also use weapons near by you to counterattack in serious situations.
  • Let your neighbor know when you are out of the home and ask them to watch the surroundings if possible.

This is the difference between home invasion and burglary and the precautions that you need to take when you face them.

Top Tips to Make Car Tires Last Longer

Tire makers are increasing the costs of tires in respect to the raw materials used for their manufacture . So instead of going for a replacement extending your car’s longevity is important for saving money and also for being safe. Follow these five simple tips to make your vehicle tires last longer and perform better.

Rotate and balance tires after every oil change:

  • The tires have to be rotated and balanced at every oil change which I usually done around 7000- 10000 miles.
  • By rotation the tires increase their life span because the front tires wear faster than the rear ones.
  • Keeping the tires balanced reduces vibration which generally increases the wear of tire and component.

Tires should be properly inflated:

  • Make a habit of checking the air in the tires frequently.
  • Digital gauges are more accurate with a pencil type.
  • When vehicles are equipped with tire pressure monitoring system the air in the tires can be easily detected by the warning lights at the dash board in case of low tire pressure.

Check tires tread wear frequently:

  • Always check for tire wearing which may be over the edges which shows improper alignment of the wheels.
  • Misalignment reduces the life of the tires so ensure to check them for wear and tear.
  • Also look over the tire treads for them being more such that traction is not lost.

Avoid road hazards :

  • By not keeping a safe distance from the vehicle ahead and driving too fast, and also driving on damaged roads leads to tire damage.
  • Be careful during rainy seasons when the potholes will not appear.
  • Properly inflated tires are less prone to damage from potholes and other damages roads.

Covering and cleaning the tires:

  • Using a right tire protectant prevent them from ozone or ultra violet light in extreme weather conditions either in summer or winter.
  • Ensure to clean the tire side walls with armor all.
  • Cover up the tires and remove the vehicles load which helps to prevent side wall cracks when they are kept unused for longer periods.

Proper tire alignment:

  • Tilting of the tire towards or away from the frame of the car shows misalignment.
  • The stance of the tires have also should be checked where in their misplacement will lead to wearing of the side walls of the tires.

There are few things that are easily overlooked by people who uses their vehicles on a daily basis.
Hence by following these simple steps one can make their tires last longer.

Types of Garden Shed

A garden shed is necessary where the tools used for landscaping and gardening can be stored. Also these days mostly people are installing these garden sheds for many uses such as leisure rooms, play houses etc. They are usually made up of different materials like plastic, wood and metal miniature treesbuilt in various styles and shapes. In this article, a few roofing styles are mentioned for building a garden shed

Roofing types for a garden shed
Gable shed

  • It is the most common type of garden shed with two sloping sides of the roof meeting at the top and running all along the lengths of the shed’s roof.
  • This design allows one to create a small loft with a storage area under it.
  • This type of roofing styles best suits for storing items such as potted plants, garden tools, motor bikes etc.

Gambrel shed

  • If in need of more space then go for gambrel garden shed.
  • One of the unique identifying feature of this shed is that the roof is steeply sloped.
  • One of the advantage of this type of roof is that the framework can be made easily followed by making it a loft or attic.
  • Due to the more head space to work under these type of sheds are suitable to start a workshop or store a car.

Salt box shed

  • This type of garden shed almost look similar to small houses where the roof features makes it different from all others.
  • One side of the roof is short than the other making its construction slightly difficult.

Lean to shed

  • It is one of the easiest ways to build which is a single roof with a slope starting from the top and ending at the bottom.
  • It makes an ideal shed for storing construction equipment, fire wood and grills.
  • It can either be attached to or can be allowed to stand freely.

Hipped roof

  • It is a variation of gable style roofing with four angled sides in which two are small and the other two are large.
  • The shape of this type of roof resembles pyramid and is suitable for buildings where no additional space fro storage is required.

Flat roof

  • Most simple and easiest roofing style which can be installed due to its nature by using good quality materials risk of penetration can be prevented.

The key role in building any of the above mentioned roofing styles is played by the design which have to be developed before working on it. One should also consider cost saving ideas fro saving money when building.

Types of Intraoral X-Rays

Do you have dental problem that is very minute and is not diagnosed with the normal X-ray? Then, you need to make an intraoral X-ray of your mouth. Through this intraoral X-ray, it is very easy to identify various dental problems from different aspects of the teeth. This X-ray film gives out the detailed image of inside mouth and helps in finding cavities, teeth problems and condition of the teeth etc. To identify these aspects, there are various types of intraoral X-rays that are listed below.

Bite-wing X-rays
These X-rays are called as bite-wing, because while taking the X-ray, you need to bite on a wing shaped device that holds the film in place. These X-rays show the details of the upper and lower molars (back teeth), and also the teeth in-front of the molars. Usually, the dentist will take one or two bite-wing X-rays on each side of the mouth. Here, each bite-wing will show the teeth from the crown to the level of supporting bone. It mainly highlights the crowns of the back teeth. These X-rays are mainly used for diagnosing the tooth decay and also the changes in the bone density, which are caused by the gum diseases. They also help in determining the soundness of fillings and proper fitment of the crown.

Periapical x-rays
These X-rays look similar to the bite-wing X-rays but, this is mainly used for highlighting one or two teeth at a time (or) a portion of teeth of upper or lower jaw. It shows the entire length or full dimensions of the teeth from crown to the end of the root, till where the teeth is anchored in the jaw. These X-rays are used for detecting any kind of abnormalities in root and its surrounding bone structure. Based on your oral health, the dentist may recommend you either for the bite-wing X-rays or else for the periapical X-rays.

Occlusal X-rays
These X-rays are large when compared to most of the X-rays. Each X-ray will reveal nearly the full arch of the teeth either in the upper jaw or lower jaw. These X-rays highlight the teeth development and placement in children. This X-ray is made by placing a film on the occlusal surface of one of the arches.

These are various types of intraoral X-rays taken to see the different aspects of the teeth. These X-rays are very helpful to have a detailed look of your teeth and to identify the minute teeth problems.