Vistaproof: An Outbreak in Plaque and Caries Detection

Dental plaque is harmful to teeth. It’s a thin film of food residues on the outer surface of the tooth. Plaque looks pale yellow and happens naturally on teeth by colonizing bacteria on tooth’s smooth surface. While Dental caries are cavities in the teeth due to a bacterial infection.

Living-Smartly.comThe need for vistaproof over other conventional equipment
It is often for fissure caries, although the tooth seems healthy outside, its real condition underneath the surface is hardly detectable, with the usual diagnostic methods. Recent Surveys have revealed that the classic visual caries diagnostic, tactile sensors offer only a very limited degree of detection safety. Even X-ray images do not yield a positive finding for occlusal lesions up to 3 mm.

Vistaproof has a structure similar to a conventional intraoral camera and can be operated just as easily and ergonomically where they ensure a steady camera position and block out external light, leading to reproducible measurement results. The documentation of the results in a patient database offers new opportunities for successful caries management.

The image processingsoftware DBSWIN quantifies the diagnosis in color scheme from blue to yellow is ideal for compact diagnosis, prophylaxis etc of current surgeries. It enables reliable detection of fissure caries after a professional cleaning, as fast as inspection with the mirror.

Use of vistaproof for detection of bacteria
“Fluorescence technology“ may sound complicated, but it is a big plus, simple and well-approved in human medicine. Special light-intensity LEDs, similar form from intraoral cameras, impart high-energy violet light onto the tooth surface. Light of this wavelength stimulates porphyrins, special metabolites of cariogenic bacteria, to emit red light, which contains less energy.

Enamel, in contrast, sends out green light. On the monitor the fluorescent image of the porphyrins the cariogenic bacteria appear in a bright red color, and are easily detected. The denser the colonization, the more intensive the signal, and the more significant the caries finding. Even visually undetected caries are also recognized. The software highlights the caries lesions in different colors and defines the activity on a scale from 0 to 5 providing orientation for the first evaluation: observe, mineralogist or treat invasive.

Plaque and caries diagnostics with VistaProof

  • Visualization of plaque provides very demonstrative proof of the status of the oral hygiene
  • Motivates the patient to carry out a professional tooth cleaning.
  • Cleaning of the tooth surfaces, make even the invisible carious lesions detected fast and safely.
  • If treatment is required, intraoperative detection of remaining bacteria in the fluorescent
  • image.

Benefits provided by vistaproof

  • VistaProof provides safer
  • Reliable detection of initial enamel caries with high reproducibility
  • Accurate analysis through intelligent automatic image processing
  • Demonstrative plaque diagnostics without any coloring agents
  • Visibly convincing communication
  • Fast caries diagnostics
  • Easy connection to the surgery software