Different Materials used in the Manufacturing of Ventilation System

Every mechanical component or a device is made up of material. Similarly ventilation system parts are also made of metal alloys, fiber, wood etc. Main parts of the ventilation system are made of metal alloys which have high strength and low density.

Alloy steels

  • PA fansThey usually have good hardness, less distortion, greater ductility, greater temperature resistance, greater stress relief, easy of machining, high elastic ratio and high endurance strength. Steel alloys are more in number which means alloy steels have more number of compositions.
  • The main advantage of the steel based alloy is that by changing the amount of the alloying element we can achieve a varying property.
  • SA FanThe reason for using the steel to make ventilation parts is that, the contaminated air will have many different things inside it, so that it will damage the given part.
  • Steel alloys are vulnerable to corrosion, so they are usually preferred in a place where they are less exposed to moisture or any fluid particles.

Aluminum alloys

  • Aluminum is the lightest weight element and the alloys composed of the aluminum are also light weight. So when the parts made of this element having less weight are placed on the roof of the working surface it will have very less impact on the roof.
  • Industrial centrifugal fanSome properties of aluminum are low density, high strength, superior malleability, easy machining, excellent corrosion resistance and good thermal conductivity.
  • Due to these characters, the aluminum alloy is better material to use in ventilation system.
  • The main advantage of the aluminum metal is it can form matrix which provides a support for the reinforcement in the aluminum alloy.
  • In high temperature applications cobalt and nickel alloy are used. Aluminum alloys are used in making the ventilation parts like vanes or turbine, outer sheet wrapped around the parts of vanes, parts which are exposed to the moisture or any fluid particles etc.
  • FD FansSo, aluminium alloys are highly preferable in conditions with more moisture content when compared with steel alloys.
  • When costs of both the alloys are compared, aluminum alloy is costly when compared to the steel alloys. As aluminum is more malleable when compared to the steel it is easier to machine the aluminum parts and make them into sheet metals.
  • If we compare the weights of the two alloys, steel is nearly 2.5 times denser than the aluminum alloy.
  • When installing the ventilation system on the roof top it is advisable to have a light weight parts on the roof top.

ID FansOther materials

  • There are other type of materials too that are used in the ventilation system. They are polymers and wood.
  • Polymer tubes are used in order to reduce the weight of the entire ventilation system or to reduce the effect of corrosion in the tubes.
  • Wood is a bad conductor of heat so wood is wrapped around the parts where heat is generated. This keeps the heat dissipation low so that the other parts of the system do not get heated.
  • The other parts of the ventilation system like shutter are made of poly elements which are light in weight.

The properties of materials also determine the type of ventilation system that needs to be installed in the industry in order to have an efficient system with less maintenance.