Maintenance of a Ventilation System

Every mechanical system has a certain life time or life cycle, so that it can perform well in the described time. After that period, the system will start giving trouble. So it Centrifugal Fanis important to maintain regular services to the parts of the ventilation system to ensure safety to the entire work place.


  • A ventilation system always move the air in and out i.e., the parts of the ventilation system are being exposed to different kinds of gases.
  • SA fansMost of the parts in the ventilation system are made of metallic elements, so they get corroded easily.
  • If we use a low corrosion metal, it will cost more for the industry.
  • The parts of the ventilation system are exposed to high temperatures and pressures based on the area of the application. So it is common that the parts of the ventilation system get damaged.
  • Repair is also seen in the parts such as exhaust fans and air cleaner.
  • In case of fan or the air cleaner the entire mechanism is changed in order to make the ventilation system better.

Regular checking of the system

  • We know that in case of a local exhaust type the air is subjected to move through the air cleaner which will absorb the contaminated air and saves the air inside for a long time until it is being discharged outside.
  • Regular checking of system is employed in order to clean the air cleaner and to remove the air inside it.
  • We must also take care of the tubes as they are in contact with the contaminated air. If proper inspection is not performed regarding the tubes of the ventilation system it can cause a serious human loss in the organization or can cause a long term health issue to the humans working in the industry.
  • The regular checking of the system also involves checking of the air flow rates and the performance of the system periodically.
  • The maintenance steps involve obtaining specific information and comparing with design data. Set baseline for future installations where satisfactory air containment is currently being achieved.
  • Make sure that government regularities are met by the ventilation system.
  • Testing of the ventilation system can be done in two ways – initial testing and periodic testing. Some mechanical components are to be lubricated regularly depending upon the area of the applications of the mechanical device.

Changing of the parts

  • The ventilation system parts will be subjected to wear and tear as there are many moving parts in it.Centrifugal blower
  • Some parts will be subjected to high physical conditions such as temperature and pressure, and the toxic nature of gases because some parts to deform, corrode, wear and get tear etc.
  • So, the parts must be changed in order to maintain a good standard of the ventilation system in the industry.
  • Though the parts are not either corroded or deformed, there is a necessity of changing the parts, because some mechanical components may have fault inside it. So, in order to stop an accident in the future we must check and replace the components inside system.

Regular inspection of the parts of the ventilation system always improve the quality of the air that is being inhaled by the system and the cooling effect will also be persisted.