Vehicle Types: Who Will Buy What

In present world many different type of vehicles are being introduced. They vary by their design, specification and style. Vehicles can be categorized in the following different zones:

These are major transport vehicle to carry goods. They are equipped to carry heavier load than light commercial vehicle. Cowboys, farmers, construction workers etc. mainly buy this. People upgrade trucks as per their choices. It can be transformed to two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, or change it gasoline and diesel engines.

4 – Door Sedans
This is a luxurious and comfortable car model. It is in demand with many automobile shoppers. It offers easy entry for rear seat and comfortable interiors.

2-Door Coupes
First time buyers and young drivers mainly own these cars. This is an alternative to 4-door sedans or wagons or SUV’s.

Station Wagons
It is an active family choice vehicle. This vehicle offers stability, better gas mileage, and SUV-sized interiors.

Those people whom always-carting kids or cargo generally owns these vehicles. It offers comfortable seating for seven.

Hybrid Vehicles
This product is a unique vehicle that breaks the boundaries implied by terms like truck car or van. First hybrid car was the Willys Jeepster, a 4-wheel-drive Jeep touring car.