What is Commercial Software?

Commercial software is a computer software which is used in a commercial environment. It is software developed that has profit as a chief aim. The commercial software programs are available in physical box.

The commercial software products are Signal Fitness for-service, FEACrack, and FEAFlaw. The commercial software products perform the fitness-for-service, fracture mechanics analysis, and inspection database management. The inspection database management offers a solution for risk-based-inspection. The FEACrack product analyzes the program with automatic network generation. The FEAFlaw product will analyze the volumetric flaws. Commercial software is good option for home based business. The commercial software provides download scripts and free software directory. The download script includes freeware, shareware, trialware and demoware. The free software dictionary offers learning technologies.

The commercial software developers licensed under Commercial Software License Agreement (CSLA). The CSLA allows user to develop commercial products. The CSLA also describes the QNX standard support service terms and technical support.

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