Know About OEM Software

There are many different types of software which are useful to us in many ways. OEM software is used by the manufacturers of the computers.

The OEM software is considered as the third party software, as you purchase the laptop computers or note book computers in bulk. One can purchase these software in retail markets. Generally, the computer builders and the hardware manufacturers will buy this software in bulk quantities.

As a stand alone product, this OEM software will be sold. Sometimes limited version of the retail software is called as the Original Equipment Software. The OEM’s purchase will be obviously at the discounted price because the purchase is done in large quantities.

If the buyer purchases a computer from the OEM, then the price of the software will be very low. Although the versions of the software may be different like full fledged version of the retail software or the limited version of the retail software or the older version of the retail software, the price of the software will be given discount.

However, restrictions will be imposed on the buyer in the cases when the buyer wants to sell the software alone without the hardware equipment. The End User license Agreement will not allow the buyer to sell without the hardware equipment.

Because of the increase in the online shopping, lot of OEM software are available on the internet. Some of the marketers are selling the software without permission from the manufacturer. Then in such cases, the software may be pirated ones. Those are never authorized by the publisher for selling. This makes the consumers remain with the counterfeit software.

Thus, the counterfeit software will not give upgraded functions as well as it will not be functional, even technical support will not be offered for that software.