Advantages of GPS

Now a days GPS services are extensively in use for mam making, navigation, land surveying, treks, fishing, and many scientific applications. GPS receivers could be included into boats, computers, cars and mobile phone watches, etc.

In Agriculture: Insects tend to surround in some areas if once areas are identified then they give guidance to planes to dust the particular areas of the large land, and it save the money and time and limiting pesticide use. On their livestocks’ collars, ranchers can be tracked by them with the GPS receivers, it easy to find out and round up cattle. Need of fertilization can be identified by soil sampling on a grid.

In construction: For land development, grading can be attained more precisely and quickly and it can save the labor cost and time. A GPS deter mines not only latitude and longitude but also altitude. To level the land most of farmers are using laser guidance. GPS permits more consistent water depth to the entire field because water follows gravity and not artificially flat planes.

Cabs and Deliveries: Cabbing, trucking and shipping can be done by GPS tracking more efficiently. GPS monitor the areas of the trucking fleets and better schedule pick ups for the return haul whether business is short-hauling or long-hauling.

And it is usefull in cabs also, it dispatches the closest cabs to maximize the fares and minimize the gas costs with more efficiently.

Fun and practical use: GPS service will help to keep track of the children and GPS on dog’s collar makes tracking it down easy when you dog has habit of running away a lot.