Know About Types Of Vehicle Tracking Systems

Companies are enormously using different types of tracking systems to maintain a vehicle or the fleet of vehicles with security and safety. The three common types of vehicle tracking system are:

  • Active Tracking: It works on the real time basis which is used to collect the information about speed, destination and even the location. Then the data is sent to the data centre. This is also called the satellite tracking. It gives the data up to the date. In this type even GPS is used for tracking the vehicles. This is used over large areas.
  • Passive Tracking: It is a wireless technology. It works as vehicle reaches the destination. It uses GPS to store the data and even various software are used for storing and downloading the data. The set up costs more for this type of tracking. Once it is set up there are no other fees which are payable for the unit. The reason for the increase in the set up cost it uses different systems for software and hardware for the installation and creation of the database.
  • Cellular tracking: This is cheaper when compared with the other types of tracking. Depending on the price of the system, the information will be delayed for about 20 minutes. It uses cellular localization. Cellular transmissions are used.

These are the different types of vehicle tracking system, which are commonly used today.