Tips to Select the Wedding Cake!

Cake is the fist meal of a married couple or beginning of a shared life. Your delicious and decorative wedding cake is a tradition and many guests leave the reception after cake is cut. You can follow these tips to choose a perfect cake for your wedding.

  • The wedding cake had to be a arranged in layers, it would be white cake with white icing, traditionally. But now a days there are hundreds of cakes, in that you can choose any one. There are variety of shapes, colours, and styles, flavors, from these you can choose the best one. Wedding cake should match to your taste.
  • You have to be aware of the number of people who attend your wedding party. The popular shape for cake is circle or square. But you can choose any shape of the cake. But round or square cake will most likely to serve more guests and it is easy and quickly to cut
  • You can get help from creative baker to design your own cake, here in design endless choices to create a cake. You can collect the pictures of cake from magazines and from bakers’ cake sample pictures to find best one from them. If you have a particular wedding theme then the cake can be designed accordingly.
  • There are number flavors to choose and it is important that it should taste good and should be delicious. There are so many flavors like vanilla or chocolate, fancy carrot, banana, cheese, mousse or fruit fillings. You can have with multiple flavored and different layers cake if you want different flavors.
  • To create a wedding cake, choosing a right baker is important, it is a work of art to create a wedding cake. Ask baker questions regarding their experience and their sample work pictures, taste their sample pieces of cakes. You can choose the baker if you like their creativity and style, taste of the cake and quality.
  • Compare the price and ask whether they charge special charges or deposit, and also ask is there any additional charges for setting the cake. If you are fine with every one then give the order and mention the delivery date.