Factors to Consider While Choosing a Symbology in Barcode

There are different symbologies for different barcode systems. A symbology is nothing but the language. Different symbologies are use for different purposes. They denote the amount of the data and even the strengths and weaknesses. Some of the symbologies will have some advantages.

Some systems will confirm about the company specified symbologies. Some have to choose on their own, in such cases the below information will be useful for identifying the best symbology.

Standards should be considered: Apart from the limitations of the symbology, the standards make sure that there will be no duplication done with the use of standards. So, UPC uses different barcodes without any fear of duplication because of the standards committee. Common barcodes are being used for the different vendors, so stick to the standards.

Symbol set: Some of the symbologies have some limitations on the number of the characters that need to be encoded. The most limiting one is the UPC code. It has only 11 digits. Code 128 is the flexible one among all the symbologies. So, different symbologies have different limitations of the usage of the digits. Based on the requirement different types of symbologies are used.

Density of the data: Always be sure that the input device must match the density of the barcode. Use the scanners which are best suitable for the different codes. Different numbers of characters are being encoded in the given space based on the symbology. Some can encode more numbers in a space and some can encode less numbers. Symbology should be selected based on the density because some readers decode only particular densities.

Readability: Always use the symbology which is most readable by the scanner. Readability should be considered while selecting the symbology. Take a flexible symbology which can be read by all the readers.

Durability: Some of the symbologies are long lasting. Always check whether the barcode symbology is durable or not. If the symbology has better readability then it is said to be durable.

Setup time: Recheck the symbologies which a reader can read. Be sure about the different types of symbologies which are used. And always make a note of them. This will reduce your setup time whenever you want to add or replace the symbologies.

Conflicts: Make sure that the barcodes should avoid conflicts.

Acceptance of the symbology: Always use the symbologies which are already accepted. So, compatibility of both the companies and the barcodes can be done.

By considering the above factors, code 128 will be the best choice. If you take the case of general purpose system, numbers and upper case letters, code 39 should be used. If the case is only numbers then go for the symbologiesI2 of 5 or code 128.