Documents For Which Machine Language Works Well

Machine translation is the method of translating documents without any human intervention. Also referred to as MT, the translation is a process where a computer program will analyze a source text and generates a target text. In some situations machine translation is selected while in other cases human translation is more suitable. But, machine translation is not completely without of human intervention. Human intervention is included in the form of pre-editing and post-editing.

The machine translation is best suitable for two kinds of documents. They are

  • The texts which consist of very specific subjects and pursues a regular strategy. There is no need of understanding the content in order to translate it. The technical handbooks come under this group.
  • The other documents are those where the readers require an uneven translation. The texts which are hardly published and essentially communicative in multinational and national companies come under this group.

The machine translation will also works great on the Internet. Mostly, the machine translation is suitable for:

  • For technical or informative texts.
  • For texts which includes many repetitions.
  • For texts where it is essential to maintain consistency.
  • For texts with little vocabulary.
  • For texts which should be completed quickly.