What To Ask Before Recruiting A Babysitter

Before choosing a babysitter it will be better to take a personal interview. This will give clear idea to judge a potential babysitter. Following questions should to be asked before selecting a baby sitter:

    • Did you ever work as a babysitter previously? If yes please share the experience?

  • Have you ever take some course for babysitting like CPR or some other school course?
  • Do you have any current medical problem?
  • Why did you choose babysitting profession?
  • How will you manage my kid in my absence? This question will help to determine the idea regarding sitter creativity.
  • If my child get ill in my absence then how will you administrate the medicine
  • How will you react if my child won’t mind you or exhibits bad behavior such as biting?
  • Do you know how to cook simple food?
  • How will you feed my child when he will be hungry?
  • How much salary you expect?

This entire set of questions will give a complete idea regarding babysitting selection. You can also learn about their capabilities and behaviors.